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Afghanistan Surge – Do You Know Why the President Said Yes?

Posted on November 29, 2009 by

Here’s what we’ll be wondering as we watch President Obama announce his decision on Tuesday to send additional troops to Afghanistan: Why couldn’t he say no to the Generals? Was he afraid of another fight with Republicans? Does this doom his domestic agenda? Do anti-war Democrats matter? Is this another Vietnam? Digg Digg

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Republicans Block Labor Board Pick Craig Becker

Posted on November 27, 2009 by

The recent approval by the Senate of David Hamilton to the U.S. Court of Appeals focused attention on the fact that President Obama has made only 27 appointments to fill approximately 100 vacancies on the federal bench, out of which only ten (including Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court) have been confirmed. Among non-judicial presidential [...]

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The Impossibilities of the Obama Presidency

Posted on November 26, 2009 by

Am I the only one who doesn’t know where Obama went wrong and what he should have done differently? Obviously, many thoughtful writers, pundits and advocates try not to be presumptuous. But, in this media-saturated universe, who’s going to pay attention to you unless you can come up with an original idea? That’s one reason [...]

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Those Darn Republicans…

Posted on November 24, 2009 by

At least some of us thought that Obama’s election would bring a respite in the culture wars and a degree of healing to the bitterly divided electorate. We knew there would be intense opposition from Republicans but didn’t anticipate how that would escalate into this harsh and extreme rhetoric, behavior and imagery. Who really expected [...]

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Obama – What’s Wrong with You?

Posted on November 22, 2009 by

There’s a lot of fascinating and brilliant criticism of the President coming from observers who earnestly wanted Obama to succeed but are now just about certain that he’s not going to. This piece by Lee Siegel (no relation), charging the Prez with an “American Idol style of governing” is very persuasive and fun to read. [...]

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Are Republicans Outsmarting Obama?

Posted on November 19, 2009 by

Sure seems like it. They certainly know what it means to be the political party in opposition. They’re tough and ruthless and they use their authoritarian temperament as an advantage. Obama’s early attempts at conciliation made him look weak rather than gracious. On health care, the Republicans have created a no-lose scenario: they either kill [...]

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List of Republicans Voting to End Filibuster of David Hamilton’s Appointment

Posted on November 17, 2009 by

Ten Republicans joined 58 Democrats and two independents on the cloture motion to allow David Hamilton’s nomination to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit go to the Senate floor for a vote: Lamar Alexander (R – TN)Saxby Chambliss (R – GA)Susan Collins (R – ME)John Cornyn (R – TX)Judd Gregg (R – [...]

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Obama and Afghanistan – It’s Hard to Say No to the Generals

Posted on November 12, 2009 by

Remember William Westmoreland, the pugnacious general who commanded American troops in Vietnam? Those of us from the Vietnam War protest era had a perfect foil: a hard core, right wing, dissident-hating stoic, Westmoreland personified what the new left hated about the military. That imagery began to change considerably when Colin Powell became chairman of the [...]

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“Creation Care” – God’s Voice on Global Warming

Posted on November 10, 2009 by

Along with the usual suspects, the coalition supporting Congressional action on global warming includes a broad selection of religious organizations – most interesting are evangelical groups which promote the idea of “Creation Care” which seeks to … educate, inspire, and mobilize Christians in their effort to care for God’s creation, to be faithful stewards of [...]

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Why Aren’t We Doing Better? – A List for Democrats

Posted on November 7, 2009 by

So why can’t a Democratic White House and a Democratic Congress bring about the kind of change we want? Here’s what we’ve been hearing: Obama’s not very progressive The Democrats have no guts Corporate and financial interests control Congress The Republicans tricked us again It’s a conservative country Americans are dumb The Bush deficit The [...]

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The President’s “Statement” Doesn’t Connect

Posted on November 6, 2009 by

I was discouraged this morning when I caught the President’s remarks from the Rose Garden about the Fort Hood shooting and persistently high unemployment. Obama looked more like a White House staffer reading a statement than a President connecting with Americans over their grief and pain. Don’t read to us. Talk to us in your [...]

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U.S. Interior Department’s Clean Energy Forum

Posted on November 3, 2009 by

Watch a few minutes of C-SPAN’s coverage of the Interior Department’s Clean Energy Forum held November 2, and you’ll see something both ordinary and extraordinary: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, his Deputy, Assistant Secretaries, Directors and Commissioners presenting an intelligent and persuasive case for the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Strategy. Contrast this group of professionals with [...]

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