“Let Me Explain…”

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You know those people who try every which way to convince you to think the way they do.

They can be gracious, persuasive, respectful, funny, self-deprecating and flexible.  But the more they turn it on, the more inclined you are to resist – even if you agree on point.

I bet you know what I’m getting at here.

I apologize to those who preferred when I loyally defended President Obama.  But I’ve crossed that threshold. 

Barack Obama is starting to annoy me.

I skipped right passed the CSPAN broadcast of his Henderson Nevada town hall on Friday.  I just didn’t want to hear him again explain his actions as president.  For example…

When my administration took office, our immediate mission was clear.  We needed to stop the great recession from turning into a great depression.  And economists of every stripe were warning that was a real possibility.  And that meant that we had to make some decisions swiftly, boldly, and not always popular, but decisions that were necessary.  It wasn’t a time for satisfying the politics of the moment, it wasn’t time for just playing to the cameras — it was time for doing what was right.

That’s why we helped stabilize our financial system — not because we felt any compassion for big banks, but because not doing so would have endangered the savings and dreams of millions more Americans.

All true.  But enough already.

My problem with Obama is not based on his political principles and values.  Some of my friends believe he deceived us, pretending to be more progressive than he really is.  My worry is that he’s a smart, sincere, hardworking guy…but that he’s not a leader.

He can’t seem to move the conversation forward.  As much as he tries.  He leaves all sorts of openings for his clever and devious opponents.  And his supporters are left depleted and depressed.

Let others explain what it will take for our president to stop explaining and start doing.  What I know is that he – and we – are running out of time.

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  1. michael chesler says:

    Obama says it quite well in the comment you posted. He needed and continues to remind the world of why things are the way they are. That 8 years of republican leadership has brought us to this point and unsatisfying time. That turning around a giant oil tanker takes time. That the american economy was in free fall and he is here, working, focusing on the turn around. He is doing his job and also needs to address his critics and remind the lazy brained americans who just can’t comprehend the facts that we are turning theis economy around because of the intervention and stimulus act thanks to the dems.

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