My Inner Obama

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When I was a big Obama defender last year I accused my friends on the left of being impatient, immature and impulsive.

I implied that if you were disappointed with Obama it was because of your own sense of frustration and failure.

Now that I’ve joined the Obama critics, what does that say about me?  Am I just another one of those naïve, self-centered whiners?

My generation – while attached to the notion of commitment to the greater good – is also deeply involved in the practice of individual gratification.  Is this the paradox that we can’t resolve?

Am I furious at Obama because his mishandling of the presidency could deprive me of my idea of a better America?

How miserable would I be – really – if the republicans take back congress and the white house in 2012?

Pretty damn miserable.

So did I answer the question about whether as an Obama detractor I’m just expressing my inner disappointment, disillusion and despair?

I didn’t think so.

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  1. Donald McLeod Keefer says:

    I think it’s partly the not having a father thing that makes him too much the conciliatory people-pleaser (intentionally or otherwise, fathers usually do teach appropriate aggression, among other things, to their sons), and the Midwestern grandparents who taught him good Heartland (not “homeland”) values (Ddd you see where 69% of Americans now distrust businesses based in LA and NYC?) also believe in old-fashioned political values like respecting your opponents, being unfailingly polite, and valuing spirited debate as the best path to consensus. Unfortunately, those very good values really don’t apply to the present, poisonous political reality.
    What say you, dude?

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