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In our personal lives, a change in circumstance can trigger elation or depression.  A successful day at work or a bad turn in a primary relationship can obviously shape our mood.  In manic personalities, frequent and dramatic emotional shifts are common.  Most of us, though, maintain our bearings by moderating these swings.

Political people are attached to external events and our well-being is connected to the status of our issues, causes and alliances.  The rise and fall of our political world affects our day-to-day disposition and temperament.

Which may be a convoluted way of introducing the fact that the events of the last couple of days have lifted my spirits enormously.

I’m offering this explanation because I realize how volatile my political sentiments can seem.  Just last week, I was kvetching about how the republicans’ play-to-win strategy had us bewildered and befuddled.

I was calling our president ineffectual.

And now…

My sneering and condescending attitude toward Obama has been covered over by all the good vibes that he and the dems have been putting out since health reform passed.

So I’m feeling a bit manic myself.  And I sense that my predisposition to assume the role of a strident Obama apologist may again be flaring up.

You’ve been warned.

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  1. Marcus Stein says:

    How true. Our emotions can be swayed by the constant, albeit controllable, bombardment of (mis)information. Would it not be a whole lot better to be unaware and aloof? Wait! There’s where I found myself 5 years ago, until I was turned to the Labor Center at LATTC. Lou, keep churning these thoughts. Doing nothing is the death of righteousness.

  2. Anna Hernandez says:

    I agree that the passing of health care reform has lifted my political spirits as well, even though I’m not really sure how this will benefit all of us. Is the benefit the same for the lower class as it will be for the struggling middle class? Will the upper middle class reap any benefit?

    Even though I may be unschooled about the details, I know it’s a good thing and a sign that the tide may be turning momentarily in favor of the worker….and I’ll take what I can get :)

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