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I’m not fascinated by tea party activists and don’t particularly care to know about those who come out of traditionally left wing movements.

And I’m not especially interested in exposing their hypocrisy, understanding their underlying frustration or interpreting their version of the constitution.

I suppose I’m intrigued by the possibility that tea party activists penetrate, inhabit and ultimately marginalize the republican party.  But I think we’ve learned over the past few decades that ultra-conservative constituencies do not stop republicans from winning and governing.

I admit, though, that these folks scare me.

As someone who has worked in the Labor Movement for many years, I do occasionally hear things which offend me, amuse me or bore me.  But even when my side goes over the top, it’s often for affect or tactical advantage.

Some of the tea party behaviors (individually and collectively), however, give me a chill:

The desperate outrage.  The arrogance, belligerence and constant mocking.  The smug awareness that only they know the “truth.”

Is this just the latest version of the divided nation or a new brand of American authoritarianism?

What’s the difference?

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  1. Stephen Lighthill says:

    “The smug awareness that only they know the ‘truth.” Understand them…I was one! Infantile politics are not confined to the young, however, and will only increase as the number of serious readers declines. And, as these readers turn to various electronic media news outlets that are mere headline services, their understanding of issues will continue to be shallow and the desire for simple answers will also increase.


  2. Thomas says:

    I am not a Tea Party Activist…. but I understand some of their frustration and anger towards current government actions.

    I see the current unemployment and health care initiatives as the most irresponsible policy and legislative maneuvers of the last half century.

    When a nation is struggling, when a government is over-burdened and mismanaged, and when the people are heavily taxed… adding significant amounts of debt helps no one.

    I see the move by Congress and the President as being stupid. How can anyone slap mortgage lenders and consumers on the wrist for over spending and getting out of control debt and then go and do the same. I don’t care what the cause… debt is never going to help our nation.

    If we expect our citizens to live responsibly then our government also must do so. The health care moves were completely selfish. They were ego trips for the people long trying to push this initiative. They forced it through so they can pat themselves on the back instead of doing it at the right time.

    Most Americans would not have such a problem with Obamacare if they felt it was done at a better time!

    Obama is showing more and more selfishness in his actions…. and is definitely not any better for our country than George W. Bush was. Neither one gets it… Neither one can take their own self serving interests out of their presidencies and actually lead this country.

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