To The Rescue

Posted on March 18, 2010 by

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Obama lately but it’s not because he’s on a winning streak, or figured out how to snooker the republicans, or found a way to attract independents or fire up his base.

It’s none of that.

Now that I’m one of Obama’s critics, some of the people I talk to feel compelled to come to his rescue.

Telling me, among other things, that he’s climbing quickly up the learning curve and that he’s just about to put a couple of victories on the board.

I hope that’s true but can’t shake the idea that Obama has squandered an historic opportunity to reform the country and reposition the democratic party.

Last year’s jubilant and triumphant Lou, who urged his colleagues not to worry and to trust this administration and congressional leaders, has given way to the distraught and bewildered Lou, desperate to keep those strutting republicans from taking back the keys to the government.

In general, I’m happy to listen to those who still believe that this administration and congress will learn how to govern and legislate.  I like being around optimists.

But I do react fairly aggressively when democrats blame our opponents for our failures.

The fact is the republicans had a plan – disparage the president, block the democrats’ policy initiatives – and it worked.  They took wild swings, and connected;  and we’ve been flinching ever since. They outsmarted us and faced us down.  They’re the ones who showed audacity.

So I’m happy to be cheered up by democrats who feel positive about our prospects.  Just spare me the sob story about how our opponents didn’t play fair.

They played to win.

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