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On the Take

Posted on May 30, 2010 by

The deadly accident at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia and the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill expose pervasive federal government corruption: Government regulators on the take or on the make. How did these agencies – the Mine Safety and Health Administration [MSHA] and the Minerals Management Service[MMS] – become such industry [...]

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Great Expectations

Posted on May 28, 2010 by

Barack Obama is a great guy.  Unfortunately, he’s not a great man.  Or, I’m afraid, a great president. I’m not going to pile on the criticism he’s been getting for his handling of the oil spill.  But I think this episode confirms that, though he might be competent running the federal government, he isn’t particularly [...]

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Blanche Must Go!

Posted on May 21, 2010 by

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln has turned me into a “single issue” voter. I’m usually the last guy to support primary challenges to incumbent democrats.  And that includes some of the most conservative members of the party.  After all, I’ll argue, the alternative to a conservative democrat is often an ultra-conservative republican.  Isn’t it better to [...]

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American Workers and Liberal Failure

Posted on May 15, 2010 by

I recently heard a conservative characterize the difference between the parties this way: Democrats, he said, believe in and fight for “justice,” republicans believe in and fight for “opportunity.” This is very clever posturing, because the apparent compliment (“liberty and justice for all”) is actually code for what republicans want the public to believe: that [...]

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Anniversary Blog

Posted on May 12, 2010 by

I’m about to mark the end of my first year as a blogger and I have a few observations to share. It’s risky to expose your point of view.  You can offend people and you can be wrong.  You can think you’re being clever while others conclude you’re just a jerk. I try to be [...]

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The Democrats Biggest Mistake

Posted on May 8, 2010 by

As the economy begins to “recover,” there is one great casualty of the first phase of the Obama era: the American wage-earner. Even if the current unemployment rate drops several points, people entering or reentering the workplace will face bleak prospects.  While overall wages may rise slightly as labor markets tighten, tens of millions of [...]

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Resenting Elites

Posted on May 3, 2010 by

What’s most appalling about the tea party movement is not the behavior or the ideas of its activists, but the fact that their “populist” sentiment finds its voice on the right. Resentment of elites like bankers and politicians is usually up for grabs.  A vibrant labor movement, for example, could channel that anger into collective [...]

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