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I’m about to mark the end of my first year as a blogger and I have a few observations to share.

It’s risky to expose your point of view.  You can offend people and you can be wrong.  You can think you’re being clever while others conclude you’re just a jerk.

I try to be thoughtful when I blog but sometimes I’m not completely clear what I’m trying to say.

I don’t want to sound confused or uninformed.

But blogging – compared to “print” – leaves a little more latitude for self-doubt and ambiguity.  The reader is more forgiving. 

So when I’m not quite sure how to close my argument, I’ll just use some breezy language and stop.  As in all things, it doesn’t hurt to be funny.

My blog posts tend to be short.  This is due to attention span.  Yours and mine.  It’s a definite advantage to offer a quick read.  And sometimes I just run out of words.

I enjoy the process and the feedback.  I’ve been criticized – never too harshly; and praised – always welcomed; and ignored.

I prefer blogging to “social networking.”  I’m on Facebook and Twitter mostly to promote and “distribute”  Blog posts are my preferred format, the equivalent of the “prepared statement,” made to sound conversational but carefully crafted.

But that’s enough about my writing style.  I don’t want to give away all my tricks.

Sometimes before a meeting or at a political event, someone will tell me that they enjoy my blog.  That’s the best compliment of all.  It’s better than hearing that they agree with me.

Much of the writing I’ve done the past several decades has been professional, related mostly to union causes.  Besides that, I keep a small notebook for reflections, ruminations and stupid poems.  About ten years ago I started a book for divorced dads but abandoned the project (the book, not the kids).

In the late 1970s I covered politics for an alternative weekly newspaper in Vermont.  The era of personality-driven journalism was in full-swing and my articles combined disciplined reporting with self-expression.

Good practice - 30 years later - for blogging.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Keep up the good blogging – you’re not one to get blogged down. Congrats!

  2. Seth says:

    You’ve done amazing things and stayed consistent. That is the key to blogging! I can’t believe its been a year!

    i need to get with you and talk about how to get more people to your blog. I’ve got some ideas for you… just need the time in between everything!

  3. Ron Alcalay says:

    I enjoy the blog, Lou.

    I can hear you voice, and your sense of humor comes through…

  4. Matt Lesser says:

    I really enjoy your blogs. I have learned a lot about political science and social history.
    Thank you,

  5. Salvador Sanchez says:

    This is good!! I kind of figured out that you had some journalism background. Keep it real and search for the truth even if you made some of us cringe. In another note, I am pretty sure you found out that I almost made it to the run off.

  6. Martin Jay says:


    Congratulations on first year!!

    I – like many of your loyal fans thoroughly enjoy your posts.
    Yes – it’s true – your disclipined journalism – with self expression – has provided you (and all of us) with the perfect “on the job training” for blogging.

    Who knew?

    Congrats on the milestone!!!

    Martin Jay

  7. Saul Schneider says:


    You are a great writer. And I like what you are writing about. It’s been an interesting year with Obama and I’ve been riding the waves with you.

    Been a fan since Lou’s Views.


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