Labor Day Small Talk

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I’m in no mood to analyze the Labor Movement’s predicament or point out that Labor Day is the unofficial start of election season.  They’ll be enough of that in the papers, on tv and online and I promised not to criticize democrats before the November vote.

But as a blogger I know that I have about two sentences to hold your attention before you click to the next site.

So here are some quick, personal and nonpolitical reflections about Labor Day.

For many of us, it’s the holiday we associate with going “back to school” and that forms an imprint that this – not January – is the start of the new year.

My memory-track divides according to what grade I was about to enter (I did this all the way through college).  The fact that my birthday is in August added an extra element.  I began each grade a year older.

Now – Labor Day, 2010 – I’m ready for another shot and, as always, an opportunity to take stock.

Certain things about my life are going pretty well, thank you very much.  Despite the heartaches and heartbreaks of the American Labor Movement, I’m very happy to have found my niche working for unions. 

Other parts of my life, not so great; but don’t expect full disclosure at this time.

As for my country, that’s also a mixed bag.  I’ve gotten pretty good at preventing frustration, disappointed and even anguish from turning into hopeless despair (sounds like quite an accomplishment).  And for reasons I can’t fully explain, I like Americans more than ever.

Finally, I had a good year blogging and teaching.

So those are some of my Labor Day ruminations.

Now, it’s back to work.

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  1. The following comments are made directly to the editor of this blog and are not meant to be or intended to be dispersed, presented, quoted or viewable by the general public, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI or the National Socialist Peoples Party, the KKK or the weak or gentle minded that we try so hard to protect.

    Lou, gotta love you man. This is how they own you and me and everything else in the capitalist system. You know, f… it, I got mine so f… everything else. You can pretend with the rest of the world, because they have you convinced that is the only way you can survive. They own you baby, we only pretend that we resist or whatever.

    So the Revolution dies likes this…?

    HELL NO mf’S

  2. Greg says:

    I love the no holds barred honesty in this blog.

  3. Martin Jay says:

    President Obama will go on national TV this week – to
    propose new programs for infrastucture work – and
    other pro jobs efforts.
    He has been hammered by “slow job growth” for the past few months – and there was some talk recently – of a “double dip” to our recent recession.
    But those who crow with the “slow growth” from the jobs front – should also realize this.
    This point was made yesterday on NBC’s Meet The Press.
    Erin Burnett – the astute CNBC’s business reporter – pointed out that the job growth out of this recession is greater than the job growth of any recession experienced in this country’s history.
    It is merely the perception of slow job growth – that is
    punishing the president.

    President Obama needs to emphasize this to the country.

    He needs to change the preception – with the reality.

    Martin Jay
    Wellington, FL

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