The Anti-EFCA

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Who is John Kline and what is The Secret Ballot Protection Act [SBPA]?

I’m afraid we’re about to find out.

Representing Minnesota’s 2nd District, Kline will probably chair the House Education and Labor Committee when republicans take control in January.

He’s a key player behind SBPA which is the anti-EFCA.

Remember the Employee Free Choice Act, a modest labor law reform designed to make union organizing slightly less daunting? 

That was smothered in 2009 by a Senate filibuster threat and an administration “strategy” to delay the fight until health care and other matters were off the table.

While EFCA would have authorized “card check” certification to show majority support for the union (currently an option when employers are pressured to abide), Kline’s bill would permanently prohibit card check under any and all circumstances.

Rep. Kline may preside over other issues as well, such as restricting union political spending and rolling back prevailing wage for construction workers.

Of course, we all know that any house-passed anti-union legislation will be killed in the senate or by presidential veto.

Democrats will then certainly let us know how important they are; that they’re the only thing standing between the barbarians and working people.

Democrats are very comfortable in that role: telling us how bad it would be without them.

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  1. Greg says:

    The Dems will beat their chests after pushing back these proposals by the Repubs, looking for a pat on the back. Glad handing followed by requests for campaign donations saying look how we saved Union labor.

    When all they have done for labor is secure another round of never ending begging for donations to help fund the fights for EFCA for all labor organizations, holding onto a watered down healthcare package for most of Americans, or getting the IRB out of the IBT.

    What I see is two more years of carrot dangling!

  2. Steph B. says:

    Progressive labor legislation is dead for the next few years, if indeed it was really on the Dems “to-do” list at all. The ballot initiative results in California show once again just how uninformed and unwilling to educate themselves the electorate is. Business gets rewarded with continuing tax breaks and now “fees” can be considered taxes and subject to the same idiotic 2/3 vote to pass. Nationwide, many of the representatives who were instrumental in making this Congress one of the most successful in passing legislation which actually helps people, were thrown out on the ears by Constitutional conservatives, “tea-party” no-nothings, and “what have you done for me lately” Democrats. Do I sound arrogant or smug? I’m just disappointed again. It seems I will be disappointed for the rest of my life, and I’ve been an active and fierce supporter of progressive (especially Labor) causes my entire life. But…we all soldier on, one freakin’ day at a time. Avanti Populi!

  3. Toby Higbie says:

    Searching for a silver lining…anti union proposals like the SBPA are a good opportunity to educate the public. Can we get an amendment to that bill that says all elections must take place within 5 days of the petition? Can we get an amendment that provides criminal penalties for employers who violate workers rights (i.e., jail time)? No we can’t get those things attached, but bringing them up at least makes it clear to everyone what this crap is all about.

  4. Aaron says:

    This is just another example of the approach the dems need to take in order to push for enlightening the workers of the US and keep pushing hard for workers rights and social justice. I don’t hear or see enough of that from our so called labor supporters in congress unless of course there is an upcoming election. When this happens we get whispered sweet nothings into the labor sectors ears and then when the election is over you feel used (Kind of like a one night stand). That’s dirty!

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