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Beyond “Corporate Greed”

Posted on January 31, 2011 by

These guys are undermining democracy was the protest message outside the Koch Brothers’ conservative strategy retreat  in the California desert. That’s smart PR. The secondary theme I’m not so sure about. Progressives have been wailing about “corporate greed” for decades but the idea never quite gains traction. You would think most Americans have had enough personal experience with [...]

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Respectfully Disagree

Posted on January 28, 2011 by

No matter how much I disagree with Barack Obama, I’m still going to like him. This is not just frivolous sentiment. We know he will do things that disappoint, frustrate, anger and appall us.  He’ll deserve to be criticized and maybe even denounced. But I urge my friends and colleagues to be very careful and, [...]

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Labor’s End?

Posted on January 26, 2011 by

Remember cigar-smoking union leaders, those portly white guys who sat around the pool at AFL-CIO conventions in Miami Beach? We called them the “old guard” and blamed them for allowing what looked at the time to be a very foreboding decline in union density, power and influence. When I started in the Labor Movement in [...]

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Obama Means Business

Posted on January 22, 2011 by

Is Barack Obama “reaching out to the business community” or “caving in to corporate interests” and what’s the difference? Many mainstream commentators are praising the president’s recent initiatives – naming GE’s CEO as a key economic advisor and promoting regulatory reform – as politically smart by appealing to independent voters and an important step toward [...]

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Posted on January 19, 2011 by

I’ll try to restrain myself when I talk about conservatives. I’ll refer, for example, to tea party “activists” or “militants” rather than “crazies” or “extremists.” And – in the spirit of civility and reconciliation – I’ll acknowledge that my opponents are not wrong about everything and I’m not right about everything. This doesn’t mean that [...]

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Why I Can’t Support Gun Control

Posted on January 14, 2011 by

Call me a political coward, but I don’t want to get within ten feet of gun control. The Tucson shootings have, for good reason, revived talk of handgun restrictions.  But most democrats don’t want to fight that battle and I completely understand why. The political costs are too great. Many democrats are scared of the [...]

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Football Union Holds the Line

Posted on January 12, 2011 by

National Football League team owners are used to getting their way. These billionaires are often savvy developers, for example, who know how to extort subsidies from cities to build lucrative stadiums. Now, just as the NFL playoffs heat up, team owners and the league are threatening players with a “lockout” next season if their union [...]

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One of Us

Posted on January 9, 2011 by

Could these awful events in Tucson really forge a national “cooling off period?” Many would make the case that American tragedies are exploited by media and government elites to manipulate public sentiment. But even if that’s true, I believe there is an American community that grieves, celebrates and grows together. Despite my dedicated opposition to [...]

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The Mandate

Posted on January 7, 2011 by

What if congressional democrats and the administration used the republican initiative to repeal health reform  by discarding the individual mandate?  Forcing Americans to buy health insurance from rip-off providers doesn’t sit well with many advocates and also polls horribly. Keep in mind that in defeating the pubic option, reform opponents got just what they needed: [...]

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Worse than McCain?

Posted on January 4, 2011 by

Many progressives are locking in on the idea that Obama is a fraud and we have to look elsewhere if we’re to save our nation from corporate fascism. Here’s what Chris Hedges concludes in a recent piece based on a conversation with Ralph Nader:  There is no major difference between a McCain administration, a Bush [...]

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