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Could these awful events in Tucson really forge a national “cooling off period?”

Many would make the case that American tragedies are exploited by media and government elites to manipulate public sentiment.

But even if that’s true, I believe there is an American community that grieves, celebrates and grows together.

Despite my dedicated opposition to George Bush, for example, I was moved four years ago by his memorial speech after the Virginia Tech massacre.

Americans look to the president for comfort.

In November ’09 I watched President Obama’s reaction to the Fort Hood shootings and was appalled by his dispassionate affect.  I criticized him in my blog for sounding like a white house staffer reading a prepared statement.

I want and expect Obama to console Americans over the next several days and not just to gain political advantage. 

But to make us feel less confused.  (I was unsettled by the way cable and the internet went into overdrive seconds after the rampage: weekend tv anchors stumbling through worthless conversations with elected officials and over-the-top instant online analysis).

This is a time for the country to rise above political differences.

And this is an opportunity for Barack Obama to show all Americans that he is – after all – one of us.

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  1. We all look down upon our own clenched hands, having wrenched them repeatedly, longer than we could ever have imagined. The sound of a voice, the voice that is not separate from us, but is us, speaks with resolute empathy as a distillate of what little humanity is left in this United something, we once all loved. The John Lennon song “Instant Karma” is playing as a scene of searching souls march in unison across the sidewalks, automobiles drive in unison into civic centers and turn to listen and watch the broadcast interruption, despite the efforts of fascist interception. The broadcast of our President, intended to lead our nation away from the tell tale signs of our ominous destruction and the overwhelming power of the Fascist’s version of victory now displayed before us, cannot alter the destructive path of the meteor that we, the People have wrought upon ourselves. So falls the Soviet Union into Mid-evil gangsterism, so soon may we be spun into the chaos that mankind seems to repeatedly find itself. Now we know without exception, the image of a once great nation, is now gone, forever.

  2. Betty says:

    How quick to gain attention and promote ones ideals can one just as quickly deny responsibility for those same words when reality stares back at the speaker with the resulting actions taken by the listener. Sarah spoke and drew visual reference placing the cross hair symbol over the Arizona representatives image. Now Representative Giffords, the elected representative of the voters in Arizona has been denied her official capacity and the voters are being denied representation. This is not democracy but democracy denied. Is this the democracy of the Republican Party to allow personalities to take control of ideology and bring about obstruction to the will of the voters? Have we as a society gone off the cliff? Is democracy in the United States of America of the people by the people and for the people or is it a sporting event with two teams battling to win? This is a sad reality playing out before our eyes sad for a once great nation to stoop so low. Entitled, fat, lazy and ignorant seems to be the new way we define ourselves. I am ashamed yet hopeful that we can go on a diet, energize our hearts and minds to see ways to achieve governance that is of, by, and for the general good of all citizens and open our minds to the general good of the people over the self interests of special interests be they my interests or yours.

  3. Some years ago, former FBI profiler Joe Navarro keynoted at a convention of the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the world’s largest private detective group. He pointed out that 89% of all terrorism is domestic, and the 11% that is foreign is considered statistically insignificant by professionals.

    On the other hand, that 11% is a lucrative source of government contracts for the military industrial complex….

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