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I don’t care how disappointed you are in President Obama. 

If he loses in 2012 it will vindicate the republican strategy of making him and his presidency illegitimate. 

And it will hand the white house over to someone who is committed to tea party ideology. 

Progressives disagree over the extent to which Mr. Obama has compromised, capitulated and failed to deliver. 

There will be more to complain about the next year and a half. 

But we can’t let that obscure the absolute necessity of stopping his opponents from taking control. 

It’s also essential that we affirm how proud we are as Americans to have elected a black president and we will not put up with the malicious racially-tainted innuendos of those determined to bring him down. 

The labor movement has a lot of work to do this and next year.  It’s uncertain how democratic candidates – including the president – fit into our strategy. 

Labor will be high on the political agenda this election cycle.  I’m all for prodding, pressuring and coercing democrats to take an active pro-union stance beyond their traditional comfort zone. 

That means forcing democrats to commit to an expanding labor movement. 

I don’t know how we’re going to influence this white house on our issues.  And I realize that by proclaiming full support for the president we’re surrendering our leverage (something we’re always accusing Obama of doing). 

I’m just being realistic. 

As much as I’ve suffered under this president, I will not even pretend at this point to be thinking of doing anything but offering up complete loyalty.

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  1. Robespierre says:

    I am reminded of an old saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Even a dog, when repeatedly abused, will eventually turn on its master. I like to think we are more than dogs.

  2. What is this? Are you some self flagellating, Pentecostal priest for Obama or something?

    Teabraggers have five stupid ideas that they repeat 777 times to brainwash the masses and they dictate our future? Let’s be realistic and compromise on Clinton so we can set the stage for the fascist movement in the United States? Libyan war expansion, oh, with only CIA operatives and triple pay mercenaries, rather than professional American soldiers, driving opportunistic oil speculation, ripping off an already raped general public? Let’s be realistic, we’re screwed?

  3. Amen, Lou. Amen. Thank you for this eloquent statement. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    Now more than ever, an incumbent must run on his platform and not on personality. He must campaign not just on his record, but on what his party stands for and has always stood for.

    The differences between management and labor, great and small, Republican and Democrat have never been as stark as they are now. While he’s no FDR, FDR would rather see Obama in the WH than any of the radicalized right who have hijacked their party, and who are jihadists working to end any kind of economic and social equity.

    When Obama and Sharpton meet to count votes, they must include those of progressives along with those of people of color

  4. Kathy says:

    OMG, OMG OMG…..N-O-B-O-D-Y in any way, shape or form is being forced to support Obama now or in 2012 – nor was anyone forced to vote for him 2008. I know I will absolutely continue to support, believe in him, trust him, and be loyal to all Democrats, and I will vote for him in 2012. I absolutely HATED Bush and every single one of his a**hole cronies – each and everyone of them were and are simply stupid to the max, evil, selfish, ego maniacs, etc, etc. etc.

  5. Seth Waite says:

    I’ll be honest I’m not voting for him.

    I didn’t vote for him in 2008 and I wont this time unless the Republicans pick Bachmann/Trump or some other Tea party nut. Would I like to meet Obama personally, yes. Do I want him to continue as president, No.

    Now before I am discounted or marginalized as a right-wing tea party nut I want you to know that is not true. I’ve read every article of this blog since its inception. I want nothing more than to better understand the labor movement and why progressives still believe it is an important and viable part of America today.

    I think most people who read this will find I’m not much different then they are. I’m educated (attending graduate school), charitable, caring, politically active, and concerned with the equality and future of this nation.

    Our main differences are that we place these priorities in different places, like Obama and I. For me the #1 priority is the economy and safety. I want to lower spending, end the wars, stop America’s over-active parenting in international affairs, create new jobs, strengthen small business owners, and get people back to work. I think its time to temporarily put all of the great and noble social agenda items on the shelf until these are solved.

    I think its time to look past our own agendas and realize that 100% of our focus needs to be on fixing the economy. The time for social agendas will come when America is again a stable and economically free nation.

    I don’t think Obama has the skills or the will to put social agenda items aside and actually focus on the economy. I hope someone in this next election will.

  6. Rudy Corral says:

    As the right of the Republican party is organizing, the progressive caucus of the Democrats and Americans progressive working class has to keep building for real change in this country. lets be real For one capital has hijacked this country’s democratic system it doesn’t matter who you have in office if there are from the status quote it will be the same shell game in the cycles of capital.

    We all know these cycles of capital and continue to accept the misery and pain it imposes on our working class. Just because you don’t know it and don’t see it you believe its not there look in the shadows of capitals profits and margins and you will see the faces of children 29 percent living in poverty 50 million without health-care 16 percent unemployment and this are low estimates. How many more reasons do you need to understand we need a change from the current democratic capitalistic system to a more humane democratic system.

    As MLK once advocated for a redistribution of wealth in this country to the working class it is in order. Rap your selves in the red white and blue get your ski mask and monkey wrench out we have a democracy to wrestle back

  7. james johnson says:

    I agree. It’s sometime painful when you realize that general voters are less progressive than you are and the President you worked for based on what you thought his vision for country was in sink with you. However there are 33o million of us! We didnt have mass action during first months of adminstration and there was a clear void as many of us didnt keep on presure.

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