Trump vs. Trumka

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Republican commentators and thought leaders are worried about Donald Trump: 

That his appeal to populist conservative sentiment exposes the inconsistencies – and lack of judgment – among tea party activists and the republican base. 

Which drags down the GOP’s more “serious” contenders. 

Obama’s re-election strategists – positioning the president as a sensible and centrist leader – would, I suppose, like to see Trump gain even more traction. 

Giving the white house two easy targets: 

Trump – the amoral, unprincipled, wheeler-dealer rich kid. 

And house republican budget chair Paul Ryan who wants to take away grandma’s medicare card. 

For those who believe that Obama long ago gave up the high-ground, this political scenario seems shallow and repulsive. 

It’s not how we envisioned 2012. 

But this election cycle has its opportunities. 

Over-reaching, right-wing republican governors and legislatures have handed the labor movement a platform. 

And, since Madison, AFL-CIO prez Rich Trumka (see video) – and local, regional and national labor leaders, progressive opinion makers and union activists across the country – have been refining the message about the decline of the working and middle classes and the necessity of collective bargaining.

So while Donald Trump makes a lot of noise, Rich Trumka and others are making a lot of sense. 

Offering the American labor movement its best shot in a generation to make its case.

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  1. Irene Fertik says:

    “Punny” you would make such a cogent comment…I like it…

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