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The Union for Bloggers who Blog about Unions

If you can credit Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for arousing the American Labor Movement, than why not give Arianna Huffington her due for triggering the campaign to pay freelance bloggers? 

The call for a bloggers union is, of course, a reaction to Arianna’s big payout from the AOL merger.  Though the Newspaper Guild (a division of the Communications Workers of American) jumped on the idea, it’s uncertain if this boycott / strike (what exactly is it?) has any traction or will fade fast. 

There are many excellent and committed writers – non-staff and unpaid – who use the Huff Po to report important news to the progressive community, including very timely information and perspective on the labor movement.

It’s a valuable organizing resource.

We’ll have to see how this complicated situation evolves.  But in the meantime I have an idea: 

How about a union for bloggers who blog about unions?

The International Union of Union Bloggers (IUUB) would work but there are too many vowels.

We’ll have to go with the more parochial – but easier off-the-tongue – National Union Bloggers Union (NUBU). 

Where do I sign up?

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  1. Dan says:

    Actually, Lou, we in the National Writers Union (UAW 1981) are trying valiantly to organize bloggers. Just log on to nwu.org.

  2. Rebecca says:

    The going-on-2-years-old Guild Freelance Unit incorporates many a fine blogger, not just in our land of inception (the San Francisco Bay Area) but in cities around the U.S.

    Problem with the Huffington Post, Lou, is that it has turned a tidy profit from the free labors (and devoted readerships) of others. That it may also provide me with a great platform for my cause du jour doesn’t justify it as an ethical practice.

    • Stephen says:

      Rebecca is right,

      Lou, why do you stay in denial. The Huffington Post made its money on the back of non-paid writers. It was so profitable because it did not pay its writing contributors. Why avoid that reality to push for a union for bloggers that will never happen.


  3. Rebecca says:

    Having said that, I love this site. Keep on, Lou!

  4. TOM Scotto says:

    Great Idea that is long over due.

  5. Deborah B says:

    Or how about UBU???

  6. Mike Sanchez says:

    How about a Facebook page with a link that takes you to twitter with another link that takes you to myspace with yet another link that brings you back here to “The LOu?”

  7. KG says:

    Call it the international bloggers union or IBU. Easy to remember,

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