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In my first blog post, written two years ago this week, I implored my friends on the left to get off Obama’s back.

I argued that “we have an articulate, attractive and popular president who shares our values” and we shouldn’t “squander this advantage by wining and fussing.” 

A year later, I had joined the chorus of progressive critics, complaining that though Obama is a “great guy,” he’s not a “great man” or a “great president.” 

In December, 2010, I ruminated about the president’s end-of-the-year success (don’t ask, don’t tell repeal and “new start’ treaty ratification), wondered about the upcoming 10th anniversary of September 11th, and then asked if Obama has “… a secret plan to nab Osama bin Laden.” 

On my second anniversary as a blogger, I admit that consistency is not my main attribute.  But I can brag about my predictive powers. 

I wrote a series of posts in March about events in Madison Wisconsin, urging “moderates, liberals and radicals to rally around the labor movement” but warned that some progressives will have a hard time with the “complicated and eclectic nature of American unions.” 

Since then, like many activists, I’ve worried about whether unions are up to the challenge and will really be able to take advantage of this historic opportunity. 

I always have more questions than answers. 

As I’ve said, blogs are “public diaries in which thoughts and reflections are personal but not private;” a way for me to share my “observations, opinions and… confusion about modern politics and related issues.” 

So what’s my biggest “takeaway” after two years of blogging? 

To keep it short.

So I’d better stop here.

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  1. jean damu says:

    That’s too short. You waved us on board the bus and then disembarked at the first intersecion.

  2. hey, congrats on the two years — keep the good stuff coming, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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