Obama Transformed

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The transformed presidency of Barack Obama will soon be tested over the “debt ceiling.” 

With republicans demanding “trillions” in budget cuts, here’s the president’s chance to use his enhanced stature to pummel his opponents in upcoming talks to increase the nation’s borrowing limit and avoid default. 

I’ve been flying high the past couple of weeks, watching Mr. Obama take control:  marginalizing the birthers, ripping apart Trump at the correspondent’s dinner, taking out bin Laden and then showing viewers of “60 Minutes” how a thoughtful, talented and courageous president conducts himself (the CBS interview out-rated Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives Sunday night). 

This is not style over substance. 

President Obama is growing in the job. 

Most progressive democrats are rooting for him.  Despite our disappointments, we recognize that his success is our success. 

Now we want to see the president start to flip the narrative.  Negotiate like a pro, from a position of strength.  Not let republicans use the debt ceiling issue to decapitate government. 

We know Obama is more conciliator than combatant.  And that the white house will compromise.

The question is how the president parlays his restored rapport with mainstream America to hold the safety net, safeguard workers and consumers and protect the environment.  And – in the process – isolate and define his opponents as out-of-touch extremists.

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  1. bob waggoner says:

    President Obama show dramatically the difference in his foreign policy approach with Bush.

  2. deborah says:

    right on, hope his big ears are burning.

  3. Rod Bradley says:

    Truly hope your optimism proves justified, Lou. And I hope the hedge fund fraudster conviction is not just an “example” to warn the others to be a little more subtle with their greed that allows them, in effect, to tax us all tax free via their manipulations of the markets, effecting pension funds, 401Ks, IRAs — while the symbolism of eliminating the man we elevated to a global figure was done with relative sophistication, it does very little (unless it allows a withdrawl from Afghanistan) to bolster the upsidedown economy where the honest man is a fool and the gamer of the system is rewarded on all levels.

    On a certain level, it is a distraction from the real issues that are quietly eroding away the strength of the country — which was a relative equity and a sense of fair play. We should be taking far more pride at becoming a better citizen of mother earth and transforming our nation from a growth economy that favors the huge lobbyist corporate sector, into becoming a more creative and sustainable economy. I realize Obama has made gestures in the direction, but was reluctant to even restore solar panels on the White House. He needs to be pushed.

    I disagree that he needs to define his opponents as out-of-touch extremists. They do that themselves. He needs to define himself, and what he stands for. The beginning of real leadership.

  4. Phil says:

    Time to make hay out of the BIG OIL and BIG FARM tax loopholes. After all these folks are looking for less government interference after all….

  5. Rudy Corral says:

    Good timing debt ceiling interesting be sure to watch

    HBO movie
    Wall Street Too Big to Fail on May 23rd 2011
    then tell me we shouldn’t be motivating the working class for a Labor Party to end the money shell game in DC with its cast of parties the demorats and the repubkkkns.

    We as the working class have to define ourselves for what we stand for and the beginning of real change

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