Democrats for Bachmann

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Of course we’re rooting for Michele Bachmann

Among our likely opponents, she seems to be the most extreme

Americans would never go for such a radical conservative, we believe.  And Obama would pick her apart. 

Maybe so. 

Mitt Romney worries us because he’s too “presidential.”  We’re afraid that, once nominated, he’ll lean to the center and gobble up independent voters. 

This is not an analysis but a confession. 

I’m embarrassed to admit that I think this way. 

I respect and admire Barack Obama and I’m proud he’s our president. 

I just wish he had been better. 

Finally (for now), a Bachmann candidacy would scare the hell out of the left and make sitting out the election an act of insanity. 

It’s depressing and too familiar that this is how 2012 is shaping up for democrats. 

But what am I missing?

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  1. Greg says:

    You are hitting on all cylinders. Sadly you have missed nothing. If President Obama had been better we would not need to worry about those independent voters at all.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m banking on a three-way race: with Obama, Romney, and someone from the Tea Party (Bachmann, Palin or Paul). Then there’s always the possibility some else will enter like Bloomberg entering… who knows who would win in a “real” four-way race.

    • Scott says:

      your playing with fire…

      conditions could help the Repug win…Bachman showed in her debate performance that she can move to the center too..

      Ron Paul would be the smarter move…Democrats should change registration and vote for Paul.

  3. Greg II says:

    I am always disturbed when Democrats cry that they wish Obama had been better. The one thing he could have been better at would have been bragging about his accomplishments. But since he didn’t why didn’t we? We have to do way more than vote. Especially if all we are going to do after we have done our “due diligence” by vote is complain. Stay home if that’s all you can do. You become as much of the problem as those who are actively working against. If he isn’t doing something that we want to have done, we then organize behind him and push. There are a lot of interest groups you know? Which one of your kids do you give your attention to? The one who seems to be self sufficient and doesn’t need you or the one who is after you all the time because of what they want. Some times you will just give it to them to shut them up, right? That’s life.

    • Midge says:

      I could not agree more Greg. Get over the so called disappointment and look at the bigger picture. A president does not make all decisions unless he’s a dictator…., that’s what congress does. I am very proud of his many accomplishments in the face of the GOP/TEAPARTY obstructionists. Someone on here actually said vote for Ron Paul…What????

  4. John Connolly says:

    The United States is just sooooo … big and complex and contradictory and confusing and infuriating and … and…
    just so damned weird.

    With an admirable, attractive, brilliant, poetic and ethically impeccable President, a 100- seat majority in the House, and 60 Senators, and a Spring torrent of popular support and good will, the Democratic Party could not figure out how to rule.

    Now, a mere two years later, much of the Progressive/Left stands shell-shocked with a House filled with Zombie-Republicans, a Do-Nothing-Fret-About-Everything 54-seat Senate majority, and a President who sounds like an Associate Professor of Hegelian Philosophy assigned to teach pre-school, and can’t even get his appointees confirmed.

    OY! SUCH a headache I got!

    After a revolutionary youth and a determined activist adulthood, I desolately reflect that I’ve entered my sixth decade facing the prospect that my declining years may well be dominated by either the proto-fascist demise of most of what has been hopeful and brave in the American story; or maybe at best, a grinding rear-guard action defending modest 20th-Century social progress and the Bill of Rights, against the increasingly violent rightist re-interpretation of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (and its cousin: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity) by the Forces of the Dark Impulse in US History.

    Will we learn to organize, mobilize our natural Majority, and fight smart?

    Or will our best be a pale imitation of the brave, furious yet disorganized and leaderless (and thus probably ineffective) mass response to the dismantling of the Greek people’s standard of living — tragically administered by the “governing” Pan-Hellenic Socialist Movement.

    Will the ragged remnants of the Democratic party administer our own descent, returning to the 19th-Century days of Ragged Dick, “The Iron Heel”, Jim Crow, and a Dickensian North America?

    The failure of the Left in the United States is that we never created and sustained a mass revolutionary — or even Social-Democratic — party.

    The failure of the European Left is that they did … and then permitted the betrayals and assassinated promises of Stalinism to shred them into impotent irrelevance.

    Revolutionary Spirit and Optimism are hard work. I understand evermore daily they are truly qualities of the Young. While attempting to hold the Torch aloft, I will pray there are visionaries younger, stronger, smarter and more optimistic racing to snatch it from my faltering grasp.

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