For Better or for Worse?

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Many progressive democrats believe that re-electing Barack Obama in 2012, while necessary, will not stop America’s decline. 

Union activists, environmentalists, human rights advocates and others understand and appreciate the difference between this administration and its predecessor (or its potential republican successor).  But we’re disappointed and disturbed that this presidency has not changed the nation’s direction or debate. 

Some on the left are convinced that the American system is so pervasively corrupt that meaningful reform is impossible.  Others cling to the idea that our nation’s democratic institutions can accommodate fundamental change. 

These positions and factions are fluid. 

Seeing Obama’s futile battles with wall street, health providers, global corporations and the military pushed many on the left over the cliff. 

It’s hard to calculate which was more painful: 

Watching the Bush Administration’s egregious assault on progressive values or witnessing wily congressional republicans flummox and foil President Obama at every turn. 

The Obama campaign had better understand that the disillusion in its base is real.  Sure there are those on the far left who had unrealistic expectations.  But it’s very evident that even those in the liberal to moderate progressive zone have been wounded over the past three years. 

We’re in a situation in which many progressive democrats and activists now believe that re-electing Obama will not stop things from getting worse.  It will just make things get worse more slowly.

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  1. deborah says:

    it’s greed and self interest, as always.
    in america, especially, it’s marketed as good for you all day long.
    i don’t think radical maneuvers will help. rather a stealthy shift towards balance (developed by some really smart, unseen team and clever head of state) might get us out of this mess.

  2. Salvador Sanchez says:

    I am seriously considering to sit out the next presidential election.

    • mitch mcguire says:

      Sitting out the next election is just, well, silly. What does it prove? Vote for the person for whom you have the least disgust.

    • Larry says:

      Salvador, you will not help the situation at all if you choose to simply “not vote”. You will help fulfill the other guys wishes to become President and their very right-wing policies will most likely be voted in and then we’ll really be driven off the cliff. Please Vote and ask all of your friends to vote! It’s paramount!!!

  3. Greg II says:

    Sitting out only ensures that the person that you know will take us over the cliff will be elected and do just that. I still believe in President Obama and for the most part, the Democrats. But I had a stray thought the other day. It surprised me that it came to me so suddenly after having had such a long time to germinate. Of course we know that the banks and Wall Street are funding the Republicans. It’s not just about the elections, it’s truly about everything.Neither the Banks nor Wall Street want to be encumbered by regulations. The only way they can ensure their game isn’t jammed before a Republican can get elected is to make sure the works are gummed up from top to bottom. Like Cantor walking out of the Debt Ceiling talks. Just a bit of choreography. We need to, as a country of individuals, stand up and take our country back. Not in the completely off kilter made up way the Tea baggers were talking about but take it back from the people who would have the rest of us be serfs.

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