Summertime Political Blues

Posted on June 6, 2011 by

The progressive press is filled with gloomy news: 

The persistently depressed economy.

The apparent success by republicans in defining the problem as “overspending.”

The democrats – and the president’s – inability or unwillingness to do anything about it.

With federal action to stimulate the economy politically impossible, republicans have a reasonable chance to win it all in 2012. 

Our side could once again be facing the nightmare scenario: 

A republican president and majorities in both houses of congress. 

If you think the last two and a half years were painful… 

I have no doubt that moderate, liberal and progressive democrats will pull together to try to prevent republican rule. 

This will energize us. 

But as we rally around Barack Obama and democratic senate candidates, we’ll feel used and maybe even bitter. 

There will be arguments on the left about whether to withdraw from the endless lesser of evils cycle.  But in the end, the prospect of right-wing governance will scare us into action. 

As always, they’ll be plenty of twists and turns ahead. 

We’ll be hoping to come out alive on the debt-ceiling battle. 

For a brutal republican primary fight and a weak nominee. 

And for any break we can get in the economic numbers . 

Finally, we’ll be rooting for Barack Obama to be at his most charming, persuasive and – above all – presidential. 

So my fellow democrats: 

Enjoy the summer, stay positive and good luck keeping your job.

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  1. Mark Doering-Powell says:

    My sentiments exactly. I don’t doubt that Obama could be a political casualty to the still high unemployment rate (and under-employment).

    It will be very easy to ask “are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” and most people will be answering no.

    What I keep thinking is that Krugman was right, we should have put $2 to 3 trillion in WPA style jobs programs (and not just tax breaks). In fact, not extending the Bush tax cuts could’ve helped pay for it.

    Instead we’re now taxing at 14.9% of GDP, lower than Reagan or Bush(s). And yet there’s no awards for that, to many conservatives Obama is still seen as a Socialist.

    We’ve helped the banks but in large part have ignored boosting a strong recovery with jobs. There would have been any number of Green Tech and Green Energy and infrastructure jobs we could have enacted. And yet here we are, the jobs growth in the private sector still anemic, jobs cut in the public sector. We’ll buy our green tech from China, which surges ahead.

    Its almost like we designed the economy to double-dip right on the election.

  2. Barton Parks says:

    Hey Lou, I have tried to respond to your linked in request but cannot figure out their system. Two passwords!! Second one never works.

    I enjoy your publication! Keep it up.

    Have also written something you might want to read; about 50 pages. Let me know. Barton

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