What Are We Talking About?

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I have nothing original to say about Weiner, Edwards, Schwarzenegger or Strauss – Kahn. 

Obviously the criminal rape charges against the former IMF chief makes his case different from the others.  But Edwards’ behavior earns him special scorn from democrats who believed in his economic populist message. 

The narcissistic conduct of the recent California governor resorted to type and Weiner’s quirky antics are not really that interesting. 

I’m past the point where I become frustrated by what Americans choose to talk about. 

And I can’t unpack whether “the media” is force-feeding this stuff on us or these are important matters that require public discussion. 

I regret that we’re not seriously debating more “important” issues like the permanent disappearance of working-class jobs (now I’m just sounding like one of those aging, disgruntled radicals who can’t let go of obsolete ideas). 

But – indulge me here – weren’t you hoping that the “Obama years” would be different.  That big picture issues – economic, financial, political and environmental reforms – would be on the table. 

And that the scraps like “Weinergate” would be just a minor diversion from our national focus on genuine problem-solving.

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  1. Jenya Cassidy says:

    I agree it is frustrating and saddening (if that’s a word). The other fake media stories are someone famous saying something. Who cares! No matter how controversial – it is just a distraction for us to get all riled up about but it does not move us forward. I guess the real stories are just too depressing – but we need to listen to them in order to start changing them.

  2. Greg II says:

    I actually lay all of this at the feet of their Lord Ronald Reagan. He started the deregulation that allowed the press to get where it is. Remember when the air waves were owned by the public? And every so many years the networks and other broadcasters had to bid basically rent the airwaves in order to produce. One of the requirements was the production of public service programing which included news. All of the major networks maintained offices around the world even though they were usually money losing ventures. But to have an aggressive, good news department was a source of pride. CBS was the tiffany network because they were the best. Now, news in entertainment and profit making. Even the good guys, The New York Times and The Washington Post are having a rough time in this atmosphere of profit at all costs.

  3. Larry says:

    Again, I could agree with you more and well written Lou. The Republicans must think that the American people are just plain stupid to say the least. For them to come out and lamblast Congressman Weiner when they have much worse in their backyard is beyond the pale. And, when their new RNC called Congressman Weiner a “Creep”, that schmuck should be fired immediately. What an arrogant little schmuck.

    Thanks Lou for putting it out there in an intelligent manner. I still trust that the American people are smarter than this. (I pray)!

  4. John Connolly says:

    Dear Friends,

    We just gotta face it: the Republicans are dead-serious, unencumbered by scruple, and are playing for keeps.

    They don’t CARE that their own politicians are covered in slime … or prisoner-overalls for that matter.

    And they certainly don’t give a fig that they are hypocrites concerning our own dear self-destructive fool Anthony Weiner, who if he doesn’t resign, will simply confirm his status as current Narcissist-in-Chief … it’s a temporary but deliciously destructive post.

    Republicans realize that they have a once-in-a-century opportunity to do their Lord’s work — not Jesus’ work that is — but the work of Mammon: The Republican Right is swooning at the feet, not of Ronald Reagan — that wimp –but of Ayn Rand, The High-Priestess of Hate and Scorn. They believe that the Republic of the Golden Calf is within their grasp. They need only to seize State-Power for one more generation and they can crush to social, political power of the working people they so hate, and send the entire edifice of Liberal-Bolshevism crashing to the ground forever.

    Listen to them. I am not exaggerating.

    And like an unexpected bonus prize in a crackerjack box, the Republicans have found right-wing proto-fascist shock troops in the partially real, partially manufactured, Tea Party, and they will use them to incite hysteria and gain leverage against the hopelessly compromised Democrats — a pro-capitalist party whose misty-eyed liberal fantasies are now so clearly impaled on the horns of its historic schizoid dilemma: “We Love The People! But We Love The Bosses Too! … Ooooh!”.

    On a simply elementary political level, Dem males seem to have lost the Testosterone to fight — Steny Hoyer? Harry Reid? Jim Clybourne? Really?

    The only effective Lib-Lefts in the Field are our Estrogen-ate Comrades like Debbi Wasserman-Shultz, Donna Edwards, and Jan Shukowsky. Really.

    Part of the reason for this is the bizarre and embarrassing spectacle of Dem males who have humiliated themselves and the People’s Cause with their idiotic combination of hubris and stupidity, informed by a sexual immaturity that makes me feel like I’m back in Catholic High School.

    It is perplexing why “Our Guys” get nailed and the Bad Guys in Vitter-Ville get off (relatively) scott-free. WHY?!?

    Because in the Final Fight Before The Rapture,
    the Republicans know they can’t afford shame …

    Appalling Contradictions, Laughable Ahistorical History, Jaw-Dropping Hypocracy, Outright Lies by the Bushel: it don’t matter to Republicans because they intend to win … AND THEY JUST DON’T CARE!

    Meanwhile, institutionally the Dems, caught in the miasma of their class-contradictions (and their Wall Street Board of Directors) seem unable to fight their way out of a paper bag, and look like Sunday morning talk-show wimps at every turn … even when big bloody steaming issues are plopped on their plate.

    But, don’t worry it’ll be OK. Most Dem politicians can get other jobs when they’re brushed off into the dustbin of history.

    It’s just the rest of us who will have to stay behind and live on dog food when we’re 80 … if we can wrestle it away from the dog that is.

    John Connolly

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