Big Trouble for Murdoch and McConnell

Posted on July 13, 2011 by

Are President Obama’s biggest enemies going up in flames? 

Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch is being tarnished by the widening hacking scandal while Senate republican leader Mitch McConnell is being vilified by conservative activists and pundits for his debt ceiling retreat. 

Meanwhile Barack Obama is beginning to look like the smartest guy in the room for his adroit maneuverings, making congressional opponents appear petty and menacing for their refusal to raise revenue from the truly wealthy. 

Though democrats still worry about the president’s willingness to cut essential programs and entitlements, it’s starting to look as if Mr. Obama has finally figured out how to get the upper hand in these ongoing episodes of political theatre.

And just imagine the upside if serious improprieties at Murdoch’s News Corp. extends to Fox News.

I know that my personal politics of resentment are showing here but after two and a half years of battering I can’t help feeling some vindication over recent events.

Along with the hope that Mr. Obama is ready to take advantage of a discredited Fox News, a weakened republican leadership and an “out-of-the-mainstream” opponent in the 2012 election.

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  1. Jeff P. says:

    Happy Bastille Day tomorrow, Fox News! How does it feel?

  2. John Connolly says:

    Left-handed Pitchforks and Torches anyone?

  3. Peter Hapke says:

    I believe this is the second time that you’ve said, “Obama is beginning to look like the smartest guy in the room.” The fact that he hasn’t gotten done as much as progressives would like is because, “we” the voters haven’t provided him a filibuster proof Senate and House. So when the 2012 election comes around remember he will need us to elect senators and congressmen that will support his ideas.

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