Conciliation Fever

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It’s nervous time for Obama-backers. 

Impressed with his handling – so far – of the debt ceiling issue, we’re now worried he will surrender to conciliation fever. 

Control your impulse, Mr. President. 

Your “base” wants to defend you, but give us something to work with. 

If you fold too soon, our friends will wag their fingers and insist that you lack backbone or – even worse – that you’re not really “one of us”. 

Don’t put your supporters through another episode of “what’s wrong with this guy.” 

I’ll let others spell out what Barack Obama needs to do now.  There’s never a shortage of “Obama Should” stories.  (Here’s one advising the president to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval.) 

My point is that progressives for Obama are running out of apologies. 

Of course we can’t tolerate the thought of a republican white house (or three more “Alitos” on the supreme court). 

And sure we’re excited when the president’s poll numbers rise and independent voters start leaning in his direction. 

But pretty soon democrats of all stripes will have to look each other in the eye and say that President Obama is, in fact, on our side.

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  1. David Sickler says:

    The heart & soul of progressives is the protection of Social Security, Medicare & medicaid. It is the line in the sand. Any crack in that wall will tear down the security net for millions of people. That said–lets not give up on this President yet. He is playing chess while the mouth breathers of the tea party are playing checkers. He has said “nothing is agreed to unless every thing is agreed to.” We can always turn on him & I’m sure the right wing machine is hoping we as his base leave him, stay home & therefore make it easier to defeat him next year. I agree its hard to be excited about what this President has done for labor but for the welfare of our members we have to look at the entire picture.

  2. Bruce Doering says:

    Well said Dave. I’d like to think Obama is playing chess.

  3. T Santora says:

    Our President is obsessed with compromise. One could argue that in the polarized world inside the Beltway that makes perfect sense. I am not among those.

    Boehner and his Tea Party cohorts have been using the Norquist prayer book and view their sacred mission as defunding the Federal government, especially those pesky people protection agencies like the DOL, EPA, etc.

    I am beyond supporting this President. At this point, I’m all about defeating the Republowclown majority in the House. We have got to start fiercely targeting the vulnerable wing nuts and let the President fend for himself. If we beat them in the House, we beat them in the White House too.

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