Another Carter – Reagan?

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Even those who like or love President Obama now concede that he’s not very good at his job. 

You’ll find almost no liberal or progressive who thinks he handled the debt-ceiling crisis just right. 

Is he in over his head or is he a moderate conservative in disguise?  Or does it really matter? 

Because I would rather suffer another 5 ½ years of a weak democrat than any republican. 

And, in the end, most of my political peers will get on board. 

Here’s my scaled back wish list: 

I hope Michele Bachmann is the nominee. 

I hope Ralph Nader doesn’t run. 

I hope Hillary Clinton joins the ticket.  

We won’t stay this depressed.  The white house will come up with something.  And Barack will bounce back (though it will likely be more style than substance). 

Obama supporters need to take a breath right now.  Lower our expectations.  And start to figure out our talking points. 

Democrats, after all, have had plenty of practice defending candidates who let us down. 

So I’ll try not to ask this again: 

But does anyone get the feeling that what we’re looking at is the 2012 version of Carter – Reagan?

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  1. Danny Feld says:

    It’s imperative under the circumstances of the insane and
    despicable right wing in this country that Democrats and all intelligent people stand up to this fascist backlash. Obama has done many great things and we must continue to support him 100%.

    The Democrats have been weak as usual in getting their word out. How is it possible that the average right winger supports billionaires rights to pay less taxes than we do. It makes no sense. Stand up, get angry and support intelligent thinking not intelligent design.

  2. Cal says:

    Is there anyone here who still worships at the “Hopey-Changey” thing? Good lord, this is ghost.

    I do not share the socialist point of view, but this guy is a poison pill for any liberal. Thank you for tanking my union pension, by the way.

  3. Bruce says:

    I agree with Danny. If you think things are bad now, just imagine President Giuliani, President Palin or President Bachmann. I still hold out hope for Obama, but he needs to be more aggressive in fighting the clowns on the right, or the end result will be a Supreme Court where Antonin Scalia is considered the liberal. Reminds me of a Woody Allen quote from the movie Manhattan. A woman says to him, in reference to Nazis marching in New Jersey, “Really biting satire is always better than physical force.” Woody’s character replies,
    “No, physical force is always better with nazis. ‘Cause
    it’s hard to satirize a guy with shiny boots.”
    What we have now in this country are “Republican” candidates with shiny boots.

  4. Mark Gibney says:

    It’ll be very tough for Obama to get re-elected – I don’t think there’ll be enough momentum behind him to bring the voters out like last time. What would motivate the 18 to 28 year olds? And the African American and Latino voter? Fear of the alternative? That’ll get a few people out but that’s it. The tea party crowd will still be full of piss and vinegar and will be out in numbers. It’ll be like the mid-term election. Unless Clinton is the nominee.

  5. bob waggoner says:

    This is not another carter regan moment, only because there is no republican candidate that meets Regans stature.However as a union member I don’t want him negotiating my contract. The debt ceiling debate was a disaster. All he had to do was tell boner that he was raising the debt ceiling on his own tell the tea baggers they did nor have that hammer any more and to get a budget both sides could agree to. And if you want to try to impeach me go for it. The budget talks would stall and the reps would look like the party of no that they are

  6. Greg II says:

    I think he is smarter than all of you back benchers. I think he will get elected. And you will be amazed. I can’t believe the amount of bitching that has been going on simply because you din’t get all that you wanted when he got way more than otherwise would have been possible given the circumstances. Yes single payer would have been great, but why have the fight when you know there aren’t and won’t be the votes. Yes I’m pissed that the millionaire’s taxes weren’t increased but what we got in exchange was nothing short of amazing. This and a hell of a lot more with no support or push from his base. If you aren’t pissed enough about what the Republicans have done to rise up and at least support a man of reason then you deserve every bit of vinegar and piss you get poured down your throat. Grow a pair and stand up for something rather than sitting around moaning.

  7. Gavin says:

    No question the only option foe\r president is Obama. The other big issue is congress. Time for those aren’t happy to step up and get some reasonable persons back in congress. My take is I no longer will drink tea.

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