Libya, Obama and 9/11

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Kadafi’s overthrow – even though it may trigger bloody conflict – advances human rights in the region and vindicates Obama’s military strategy. 

But don’t expect the president to get much credit. 

The left is skittish about American military intervention and the right will twist any fact to prove Obama wrong. 

If the mission in  Libya had failed, however, the president would have gotten hell from all sides. 

This could have been trouble for the white house as it prepared for the 10th anniversary of September 11th.

Now the narrative is cast: 

This president has kept us safe from attack, killed bin Laden, is withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and did the right thing in Libya.

Not bad.

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  1. Glen Arnodo says:

    Yep, and unemployment is 10% and real wages are falling.

  2. Hal says:

    WHAT!! Come on Lou…….Libya was ANOTHER textbook takeover by the ‘Corporate terrorists’…..the so called ‘rebels’ STARTED, not tried to start, but STARTED a ‘central bank’ the SECOND week of the so called ‘uprising’!!! NATO/USA/CIA/Globalists had USED Gaddafi for years then he refused to play their game…he used the Libya’s natural resource(oil) to build a strong and healthy middle class,health,education,infrastructure, etc…….THEY hate that and ATTACKED and KILLED MANY INNOCENT Libya’s!!!!!!
    Wake up Lou…..Obama is THEIR puppet!….and our congress and our senate etc etc!

  3. DK McLeod says:

    Well, whatever the real objectives (and they do still seem to revolve around Oil), at least Obama had the good sense not to have the Marines literally land on “the shores of Tripoli”…Plus, ol’ Mohammar K did bomb that plane in Scotland (and had pretty much gotten away with it, pardon the expression, Scott free), so it really couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy; that really did constitute a direct attack on innocent civilians, mostly our compatriots…so put me down, uncomfortably for a non-interventionist, as in the “mixed feelings” (but tending toward approving) camp…Now if only Obama could show the same kind of focus and cohones (no physical violence at all required!.. though perhaps some physical courage: power politics can be dangerous, even/especially in America, just ask the Kennedy’s and MLK; maybe O’s being told “We got them, we can get you!’, who knows?) in standing up to the economic terrorists and extortionists right here at home, in our very own House, led by that grinning idiot Eric Cantor.

  4. Bob Reid says:

    It is so ironic to see Senator McCain and Lindsey Graham go on and on about the failed Obama foreign policy when in fact the Obama policy was a success in Libya. How novel an idea. Let these freediom fighters in Libya and soon in Syria fight for their own country. That concept will soon be applied to Afghanistan.

    Obama is etting us out of Bush’s two war zones and resisted the Macho American tendidcy to go in and fix things with American troops . Not one American life wasz lost in Libya and it was a success.

    The GOP will never give Obama credit for anything in teh field ofn foreign affairs. They will wage the battle on the jobs front with major deniel regarding teh causes for this recession. The costs of Iraq and Afghanistan are good places to start that discussion.

  5. Re-Colonization is what we are witnessing. The knee jerk reaction identifying a “victory” by “our guy” (read Demo Pres) and “our guys” (read NATO) misses the point: a violent US/French/Brit/Ital power grab for oil by corporatists using your taxes for their benefit. Forget about the fairytale “freedom fighters”, just like our “allies” in Iraq and AFPAC; Those of us who don’t see through the motives and slogans of “freedom fighters” apparently never learned any lessons from Vietnam or Iraq. And there went the War on Poverty and worker wages-1970′s villification of the Left blaming them for Vietnam deb acle..Wages haven’t risen since…. Why, for example are we not pressing the attack in Syria or defending the people of Bahrain? Wouldn’t be cause Syria’s got no oil, would it? Or the Bahraini majority are not in our pocket? Are they less deserving as people? (never mind the Palestinians- all ‘terrorists’ they!) If we as pro-labor people cannot see through the ruling class narrative about gratuitious and continuous wars On Subject Peoples, why should anyone question the Wall Street President about labor? about Education? About going along with the phony “Debt Crisis” to steal more of our money for Wall St payouts? Those billions spent on these wars are not going to schools or anything to benefit the working people in this country- and we’ll see what a quick victory this becomes, like Iraq and Afghanistan. “Getting us out of Iraq & Afghan”???It’s 3 years later with 150,000 US troops/contractors in former and about the same still creating mayhem in a lost cause in AFPAC. Look for a long guerrilla action for years IN Libya; sabotaged pipelines, bombs going off for years in their cities, while the Banksters Pres compromises the rest of every advance the working class has won over 70 years. WE MUST DECODE THE RULING CLASS NARRATIVE is people are going to unite against the ruthless theft of wealth workers produce. Can the current direction be more clear? Create a New Cold War against vsChina/Russia/Brazil/Turkey to take your money & lives for their profit- same ol same ol….and you want to cheer the ”
    team” on? I got news for you; you’re not on the Team!

    • Mike Powelson says:

      I’m afraid you’ve misread this one, Lou. The US has for YEARS wanted to take Gaddafi out. Remember Reagan’s strike on Libya back in the 1980s? the overthrow of Libya has been on the planning table for the past thirty years. Recently, the US saw an opportunity to take out a leader that never towed the US line and took it.

      Given US support for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel and Yemen, how can the Obama administration claim its goal in Libya is to remove a brutal government?

      Let’s start by removing the brutal dictators we have long supported with money and military hardware before we suddenly morph into great humanitarians when it come to Libya.

  6. PS the point is we will never have a strong labor movement again in this country without international solidarity. That’s why its so important to decode the corporate media narrative of “our guys”vs Them….It’s simply a matter of human maturity. Remember, there’s a Business Section and a Sports section – no Labor Section…..There a reason for that. Let’s get beyond our high school cheerleading and into a deeper understanding of Capitalism if were not all going to be back on the Plantation – right where Wall Street wants us.

  7. Jon Joyce says:

    Finally, a step toward foreign policy that might reestablish some credibility in the world. It’s been a tough slog lately and I don’t want to reelect a man who cannot shed a little light. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a more successful.

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