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The American economy is falling off the cliff
And the president’s approval needs more than just a lift
To disappointed democrats it all seems very bleak
With Obama and his allies looking frail and tired and weak

But now that the republicans are taking center stage
It gives us all some hope and a focus for our rage
The GOP is gearing up a nominating fight
Which promises by all accounts to give us all a fright

Conservatives have grabbed the reigns and now will not let go
Until they have the votes they need to take it to the show
Convention time just months away in Tampa FLA
Where visitors and retirees will sun bathe by the bay

It’s there that evangelicals and others in their camp
Will count up all their delegates before they put their stamp
On a bona fide, traditional and true blood right wing pol
Who won’t take any prisoners or compromise at all

And that’s when B. Obama will start to look so cool
Compared to his opponents who act so gosh darn cruel
To all the poor and dispossessed who suffer at the hand
Of a mean and unjust system that many just can’t stand

But wait you say it’s just not fair for this president to claim
That what he did the last three years was anything but blame
The ones he tried so hard to please with compromise and more
While those of us, the democrats, said don’t give up the store

They’ll take you for a ride, we stressed, and then they’ll let you rot
Once they prove your fecklessness and tie you in a knot
Not true, you shout, when on the stump and point your finger thus
They never got the best of me and I did just what I must

To keep the banks and all the rest from going under water
Or else, the whole damn nation would have gone into disorder
But what about the working class and those who need you most
Why did you abandon them and then just leave your post

Well none of that will matter much if the right wing gets its way
And persuades a restless country that they’ll bring a bright new day
With Bachmann, Romney, Gingrich and maybe even Perry
They’ll spread the word and say it loud and even with a very

Radical and scary set of issues and concerns
They’ll try to make us comfortable and soothe us as we learn
That republicans are simple folks who just like you and me
Just want a job, a cozy house and mostly to be free

From taxes and big government and other evil things
That come into our neighborhoods and ties us up in strings
So don’t be scared America, the right knows what to do
Just take a chance and put your faith in a candidate who’s new

And not Barack Obama please, a man who’s had his chance
But didn’t have the fortitude to take a gutsy stance
We need a brand new leader who understands the truth
From God and his disciples and not from just his youth

It won’t be long before we know what it truly meant
To work so hard and simply get a one-term president
So then we’ll see just where to turn and how to make life hearty
Just look around and then you’ll find the American Tea Party

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  1. Exceeding in both length and depth
    I thank you for your best blog yet

  2. Mark Gibney says:

    Outside, a clamor for the ’50′s,
    I think: will our plum trees bloom next spring?

  3. Judith Samuel says:

    Thank you for this! So well done!

  4. Michael Hersh says:

    Very nice, Mr. Siegel.

    Here’s my limerick response:

    We once off a cliff got a push,
    From Wall Street and W Bush,
    As people lost jobs, homes and cushions,
    The rich robbed the rest of their pensions.
    And Republicans just sat on fat tushes.

    The people formed a democratic army,
    so the hungry could buy more salami.
    The fat cats cried, “commies,”
    “Socialist Kenyan Obama,”
    Not too bad for a poor kid from Hawaii.

  5. John Connolly says:

    Even tho’ Lou is right
    In laying out the Rightist fright,
    The plain sad fact is there to see
    That Dems have got us up a tree.

    They plead, cajole and scare us well
    With four-year-warnings: Republican Hell!
    And now they’ve got the Tea Party
    To make us all our pants to pee.

    Meanwhile, those Dems
    Those clever chaps
    Do nothing to stem
    Our hard mishaps.

    O, they weep and wail,
    As we pray Obama
    Will somehow ONCE
    Bring down the Hammer

    Of Righteous Wrath on our Tormentors,
    These ghoul ParTeas,
    These foul dementors
    Of all that’s good

    And Holy Writ,
    Pretenders raging
    In bloody snit
    Without engaging

    In discourse wise
    Or fair, yet feigning
    Concern for Guys
    And Gals, and aging

    Citizens of our broke State,
    Cravenly abandoned to sere, rough Fate
    Without no champion or savior
    Or Leader who we all can savor.

    Out on our own
    While “Lesser Evils”
    Beset our homes
    Like “Friendly” Weevils.

    What do we do?
    What next?
    The ‘Lessers’ we rue;
    With Evils vexed.

    O Barack, we elected you;
    We wept at your promise to renew
    The deep well of goodness in our land,
    And reject ol’ grim and gaunt Ms Rand.

    But truth to tell, Dread Ayn
    And all her minions,
    Cannot be beat
    By mere opinions.

    It’s a fight they want
    And we must answer
    With knock, not cant,
    Nor fancy dancer.

    Lead us Barack
    And we’ll respond:
    We will fight back
    Without despond.

    Your country awaits
    Your bold return,
    Your valiant traits,
    Your vision’s earned;

    Audacity of Hope
    - Audacious indeed -
    Hope’s troops will lope
    When we are freed

    From cynic Hell;
    From rude despair.
    You lead well
    And we’ll be there.

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