A Winter “Occupation” in L.A.?

Posted on October 10, 2011 by

Will Occupy Wall Street migrate west as temperatures drop in the northeast and midwest? 

The serene setting and good vibes of Occupy L.A. [link here to webpage and photos] could draw protesters who see their chance to “split for the coast.” 

The grounds around L.A. City Hall are reaching capacity and we’re not likely to see tents springing up next to the Times Building or Parker Center. 

Could the growing number of mostly young occupiers spill over to another central location? 

It’s not just the southern California weather that’s accommodating and appealing to local and out-of-state protesters.  The mayor’s office, council members, city departments and the police are showing remarkable tolerance and support.  The L.A. Labor Movement’s close ties to city leaders helps foster the cooperative spirit and would prevent overreach by civic authorities. 

Plus, our politicians know that these are our kids (my 18 and 21-year-olds are frequent visitors to the site). 

Word will spread that L.A. could be the best place for protesters to spend the winter.  This region, which has been attracting new residents for more than a century – refugees, seasonal workers, people from all over looking for a better life – may soon be welcoming a new group of migrants.

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  1. Rudy Corral says:

    L..A. Sunshine let be the light to turn this country around!

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