All in the Family – 2011

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We overheard this phone conversation recently between tea party activist Bill Francis and his 19-year-old daughter and Wall Street occupier Serena: 

Bill:  I understand why you’re protesting but I think you’re missing the point.

Serena:  What’s that?

Bill:  You’re mad at rich people and upset that you can’t get a job.

Serena:  True.

Bill: And you think that by camping out on the street you’ll get attention?

Serena: We’ve already made a difference.

Bill: Tell me how?

Serena: The media is talking about our issues.

Bill: They’re just using you.

Serena:  So what.

Bill: Liberals like the idea of class warfare.

Serena:  You used the media.

Bill:  We knew what we were doing.

Serena: You were rude.

Bill:  We made our point.

Serena: You called Obama a socialist.

Bill: He is.

Serena:  What do you mean by that?

Bill: He wants the government to run our lives.

Serena: Who do you think is running your life now?

Bill: That’s the point.  We want to control our own lives.  That’s what being an American means.

Serena: I think the corporations are in charge and you don’t even realize it.

Bill: Listen, honey, I can ignore the corporations – I don’t have to buy what they sell.  I can work for anyone I choose.

Serena: You’re not facing facts.  Corporations and banks are telling politicians what to do.  And they’re moving jobs to other countries.

Bill: That’s because of taxes.

Serena:  What’s because of taxes?

Bill: Jobs leaving the country.

Serena: Dad, they barely pay any taxes.

Bill: The point is that they’re free to do business wherever they want.

Serena: You don’t want to see how much power they have over us.

Bill: I agree there’s corruption.

Serena: And greed.

Bill:  That’s human nature.

Serena:  Now you’re going to tell me that corporations are people.

Bill: I just don’t like that you’re sleeping in a tent every night, that’s all.

Serena:  Don’t worry Dad, I’m safe.  You taught me to take care of myself.

Bill: I still don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

Serena:  We’ll figure it out as we go.

Bill: But, anyway, as long as you’re coming home to take showers and wash your clothes, I suppose it’s o.k.

Serena: Got to go.  Love you dad.

Bill: Love you too honey.

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  1. John Connolly says:

    Tea Party Dad will begin to figure it out when HE’S living in a tent. Of course I could be wrong. Even living in a tent Tea Party Dad could still be screaming: “Government Hands Off My MEDICARE!”

  2. Nick Eldredge says:

    Dang, Lou!
    Whether that was a real conversation or not, this father/daughter back-and-forth nicely sums up the issues at issue.
    Especially when, after Bill’s nonstop evasive blather, Serena responds: “… the corporations are in charge and you don’t even realize it.”
    And after more evasion:”You don’t want to see how much power they have over us.”

    To which I can only add a polite request to our ruling corporatocracy: Get your premium leather-gloved hands off my democracy’s throat! I want my country back!

  3. Dorothy Collins says:

    Dad probably lives in a very nice house and is appalled daughter is living in a tent, first off. Secondly, Occupy got a lot of news coverage, more than the Teahadis, so dad had some resentment going on. Third, the daughter was winning the argument, thus the subject was changed to going home to take showers and do laundry. Liberals ALWAYS win!

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