Madison, Wall Street and L.A.City Hall

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Six months after “Madison,” community, union and political organizers are sizing up the potential of the “Wall Street” and related protests. 

Following the inspired take-over of the Wisconsin statehouse, republicans imposed their anti-union measures and the focus by democrats shifted from direct action to court and legislative recall elections. 

Did the political campaigns dissipate the movement’s energy or channel it?  Hard to say. 

The “corporate greed” demonstrations in New York and elsewhere build on the Madison message that middle class jobs and families are under attack

The imagery of young Americans of all races rising up together is very appealing. 

Focusing on the growing wealth gap, the staggering lack of employment opportunities, and the corrupting of politics by business and financial elites, “the kids” have nailed it. 

In L.A., the gentle support by police and elected officials toward the tent community around city hall makes you proud to live in this progressive region.  Good thing Daryl Gates is long gone. 

We don’t know what’s coming next and we’re curious to see how the Obama campaign reacts. 

But, like Madison, here’s another chance for progressives to communicate to the public – in words and action – what’s wrong with the system and how we can make it better.

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  1. FluxRostrum says:

    You can watch it all unfold on

    We launched on day 1 of Occupying Wall Street
    and are currently streaming live feeds from Wall St, Chicago & LA and will be incorporating Live video feeds from as many Occupations as possible including DC starting tomorrow.

    Also of interest might be the mass of edited occupation videos accruing at

  2. DK McLeod says:

    yes, better late than never, “somethin’s happening here…”
    Maybe Lincoln was right, you can’t “fool all of the people, all of the time.”

  3. Goetz Wolff says:

    And there appears to be mutual support between the Fed’s Gas Workers contract fight and the Occupy LA folks in the street. I hope that our LA unions can step up their support as is the case with NYC unions for Occupy Wall Street.

  4. I feel the energy rising. We must maintain the support and build on this. I would like to see millions of people in the streets of every city and town expressing their solidarity. This is the only initiative thst should get the politicians’ attentionzm bring it to their doorsteps at home and in the legislative venues. Take it into the wealthy neighborhoods and let them feel the pain and anxieties of working Americans.

  5. Rudy Corral says:

    But I wonder how far down the road of corruption and corporate greed the system is and if we can save our democracy. Maybe we should be asking ourselves not how we can make it better but how can we take it back? and change it for the better of the working class as a whole.

  6. Brad Cagle says:

    Agreement with Goetz, LA unions… Oh, that’s right Painters are still trying to form a Carpenter’s union. The CCP makes Trotskyites laughable…Where’s the leadership, might it be left up to you?? Pun, not or obviously intended, as you wish…Had enough?

  7. Phil says:

    This whole situation makes you appreciate why the right to bear arms is 2nd on the list not 8th or 9th. People are fed up and desperate. Could desperate measures be far behind?

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