The Post-Obama Era

Posted on October 19, 2011 by

The American Left’s jubilation over Occupy Wall Street relieves some of the frustration and anger progressive democrats are feeling toward Barack Obama. 

No longer obsessed with every concession and compromise by the president, activists are focused on moving the “big picture” message:

That our nation is being corrupted by elite financial interests. 

This diverts attention from the administration’s policy failures which were obsessing democratic constituencies.  The talk of mutiny has receded, giving candidate Obama more latitude to position himself for the campaign.  Displaced as the voice of change and reform, the president can turn his attention to what he considers his principle target:  independent voters.

The cannibalistic tendencies within the republican presidential field play right into his – and our – hands. 

So forget about forcing Obama into a major political transformation.  He thinks he has to be careful around us and maybe he’s right.  His response to the protests and even his rhetoric around the millionaire’s tax always seem to side-step the question of excessive corporate power.

But with OWS fully-loaded, Obama’s pragmatic style goes down a little easer.  And his occasional references to ”economic inequality” are appreciated. 

While we will certainly work for his reelection, our real mission now is to turn OWS from a protest to a movement.

Listen to former SDS organizer Todd Gitlin’s thoughtful remarks on that subject on public radio’s “Marketplace.”  And tolerate – if you can – the Romney and Cain sound-bites which begin the segment.

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