Gingrich is No Laughing Matter

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Rachel Maddow had it wrong a few day’s ago in her snarky segment on the rise of Newt Gingrich. 

Though the former house speaker is loaded with personal contradictions and character flaws, he is an intellectually serious conservative thinker and has been on the front lines of many intense political battles.

Unlike Perry and Cain, he can’t be laughed out of the arena.  

Maddow’s theme that Gingrich is using the campaign to sell books is absurdly and dangerously dismissive. 

My warning to progressive democrats: 

Don’t be so gleeful that Gingrich is ascending in the republican polls.  If he gets the nomination, he could be a formidable match for Barack Obama. 

If the president’s re-election depends on facing an intellectually inferior opponent who can’t grasp or articulate complicated policy principles, Gingrich poses a real threat

The conservative elite wants a heavy hitter and they may have found one in Newt.

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  1. Charlie King says:

    Maddow does more harm than good for the issues we believe in. She gives our movement a bad name.

  2. Greg says:

    Heavy maybe ;-) but he will not be there in the end for the nomination. They will go for the guy that looks presidential…even if he is the biggest flip flopper ever.

  3. Glen Merzer says:

    No, Lou, the only realistic choices for the Republicans, assuming there’s no brokered convention with a draft, are Gingrich and Romney. No other declared candidate can get the nomination. Romney is the more formidable. All the polls support that, and it’s self-evident. Romney’s baggage is mere flip-flops and a history of being a Wall Street type; Gingrich has Tiffany’s, Freddie Mac, his arrogance, his marriage history, his physique of a fat-cat, his lack of funds, and, oh yes, his flip-flops. Gingrich is the less disciplined candidate. Therefore, root for Newt. And be gleeful.

  4. John Connolly says:

    Glen Merzer is right.

    Also, key to understanding Gingrich is understanding the difference between a guy who PROCLAIMS himself to be a Great Thinker (with the Shallow Nitwit Media bowing and scraping to the assertion), and an actual Thinker.

    Maddow sometimes does get overbearing, pedantic and a tad too cutesy, but overall she and the rest of the MSNBC Crew are indispensable as just about the Only Game in Town (with a nod to Keith & Current). I am also singing the praises of Chris Hayes’ new show “Up” on Sat/Sun early AM. Two hours of extraordinary, sophisticated discussion like you will hear no where else. Best guests and analysis on Television by a country mile.

    Last night O’Donnell did a very good piece on Newt-as-Cretin-Pretender. It’s sad and creepy to say, but the Deathbed Cancer Divorce alone will sink this shit-heel.

    Anybody care to comment on The Revenge of Bloomberg? The way-past-midnight mass eviction and police/City robbery of the Occupy Wall St./Zucottis resonates in so many ways.

    Let’s just start with a small yet emblematic event: the destruction of the OWS People’s Library … thousands of books incinerated or ground to shreds by NYC “Sanitation” at the order of a billionaire mayor … sounds like a Ray Bradbury story. The almost unmentionable parallel to the Nazi or US Rightist book-burnings by, I am sorry to say, a Jewish Mayor is too gruesome to say and too horrible to ignore.

    Bloomberg has had it in for OWS since it first set up tents. Frustrated by his nominal support for First Amendment rights, he grumpily scowled that the OWS were protesting the very Wall Streeters whose “productive activity” made OWS’ American Freedoms possible … how lame and tired does that sound? Even on TV you can see how intense and personal is Bloomberg’s hatred for the presumptuous OWS. Class Hatred. Up Next: Real Class Warfare.

    Kinda like the sneering Princeton Pigs who lined Route 1 in New Jersey this week greeting the OWS March to Washington with their mocking “We are the 1% !” banners, echoing the angry yet impotent Wall Street Thieves who pasted their own “We are the 1 %!” placards in their windows above Zucotti … so they are. So they are.

    Keep up the placards guys … it’ll tell us where to find you.

    If it is really to be Class War, I pray that our Class will not let it be one-sided.

    In NYC initially, the Mayor had to control his disdain and back off after the idiot “White Shirt” NYPD officer corps showed the state’s true colors by vicious and unprovoked pepper spray and truncheon attacks on peaceful protestors. it was interesting to see the surprising and real tension between the White Shirts and rank & file cops as they watched their “superiors” unhinge.

    Bloomberg has caught himself between his nominally social liberal rock and his class-arrogance hard-place. In these situations nine-times-out-of-ten it’s easy to predict where ruling class poseurs like Bloomberg will come down: Repression.

    Just look at him on TV, he was just itching for it.

    The fact that he had the straight-faced gall to proclaim at his news conference that he had to repress the OWS’ First Amendment right to assemble in order to save it, would be laughable were it not so ominous. Kinda like those “strategic hamlets” in good ol’ Viet Nam, eh?

    Occupy Wall Street has torn away the whorish veil of class oppression, exploitation and expropriation in the USA in the most dramatic way seen since the 1930s.

    Is OWS our CIO?
    Is Zuccotti our Flint, 1937?


    OWS isn’t even Toledo/Auto-Lite or the Twin Cities/ Teamsters in ’34, or Paris ’68 or May 1970.

    But it is like the WWI Veterans’ Bonus Marchers, and the Unemployed Leagues and Hoovervilles in ’33, and the US student revolt in ’68.

    Ya gotta start somewhere. And OWS has done it.

    And I for one am grateful.

    • Alan Estes says:

      By now you have probably seen Robert Scheer’s piece on entitled “The Villain Occupy Wall Street Has Been Looking For” about Bloomberg. As usual, right on the mark. I am so glad to see young people engaged (and enraged) in the process again.
      Also, Glen Merzer is absolutely right. Newtie has far too much baggage to even get the nomination. Let’s hope they keep loving Herman! Lou, I love your passion but I would be much more worried about the Senate in ’12 than the presidency.

  5. bob waggoner says:

    There is no way Newt can be the nominee. Too much baggage the party faithful cannot support. He was pratically run out of town after losing the speakership.

  6. Rey says:

    No way Newt has a shot at getting the nomination…and definitely no way he beats Obama in a race. I actually think the Republican that can get people who voted for Obama last election to potentially vote Republican this time around is the WILD ONE…Ron Paul!

  7. Willow says:

    Certain elements on the right doesn’t trust anyone who can think. Come off too intelligent or sophisticated, and that sector runs to the nearest Texan with a glib remark and a good ol’ boy accent.

    As for OWS: A canary in a coal mine. Worse will come if times get any harder. The wealthy ignore the middle class at their peril as modern history has proven. (1789/1917)

  8. Rod Bradley says:

    John and Glen are right. Newt is a quick-witted quipper when he’s on his game and a lunatic sociopath at all times. And even the Republicans will find him emotionally creepy enough not to give him the nomination.

    Moreover, coming off as a “thinker” or an intellectual heavy-weight, has never helped get anyone elected in this country of any political stripe. And it’s hurt a few. One of them named Adlai might’ve proven a good president.

    Even Obama doesn’t really come off as a “thinker” (and I don’t believe he is, actually) — a bit of an intellectual, a bit of an elitist, but he’s decent and he doesn’t come off as challenging and has a steady demeanor.

    My guess is a maximum of 10 per cent of votes cast have much or anything to do with the candidate’s ability to think.
    Reason obviously does not play much of a role in elections.

  9. Todd Becraft says:

    Not to necessarily join the “dismissive” group however I love this segment:

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