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This post was written before police cleared the city hall protest site early Wednesday morning.

The image of Los Angeles as a city of airheads, movie stars and assorted narcissists has evolved considerably over the past several decades; these days, most Americans recognize this region for its extraordinary racial, ethnic and international diversity and even for our intellectual, scientific and artistic achievements. 

Now, word is getting out that L.A. is a place where enlightened civic leaders handle complicated public protest and safety issues with maturity and restraint. 

It may be a stretch to claim that a peaceful and successful resolution of the city hall occupation will, for example, bring a surge of job-creating businesses to Southern California. 

But, then again, the way LAPD brass and officers are conducting themselves is certainly a source of pride to many residents here. 

Even two of our most well-known local police critics, Connie Rice and Tom Hayden, have been talking up the harmonious relationship (so far at least) between the cops and the kids (I know they’re not all kids). 

I’ve been telling my friends in the Northeast for many years that what we generically call L.A. (city / county / “metropolis”) is the most progressive urban area in the country. 

I’m particularly gratified that Americans are getting a fresh look at this region, and that it’s a real image-changer.

Maybe that could, in fact, give our depressed economy a little boost.

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  1. Daniel Tamm says:

    Lou, The Corporate Activities in Electoral Processes Resolution was
    introduced by Council President Eric Garcetti and Council Member Bill Rosendahl, seconded by Council Member Paul Krekorian with ample input from representatives of Move To Amend LA and strong endorsement from Richard Alarcon and the Inter-Governmental Relations Committee. It comes up for a vote by the LA City Council on Tuesday, 6 December. We need your voice in support! Go to http://www.movetoamendla.org for info and RSVP

  2. John Connolly says:

    The kinder-gentler cops still arrested over 200 OWS/LAers. And I have to say that kvelling about how progressive/positive LA and SoCal has become by implying that our newly-virtuous LAPD has played some kind of leading role in the transformation, makes my head spin, and to want to closely examine what kind of cigarettes Lou has been smoking behind the barn lately.

    All in fun. Love you Lou.

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  4. [...] watched – with some amazement - L.A.’s gradual transformation into the most progressive big city / county / region in the [...]

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