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Occupy L.A. protesters have more bargaining leverage than any other OWS group in the nation. 

We have a progressive mayor, a patient and communicative police chief and a supportive and instructive labor movement. 

And despite some howling from radio jocks about cracking down on the riff raff on the city hall lawn, L.A. residents remain pretty relaxed about what’s happening downtown. 

An irony, of course, is that Southern California may have a higher percentage of “one percenters” than any other region in America. 

But not to worry: 

Our rich and famous in Malibu, Beverly Hills and Laurel Canyon comprise the legendary “Hollywood Liberal Elite,” who would undoubtedly be proud if their kids pitched a tent and joined the movement. 

Combine all the elements: 

A tolerant and laid-back atmosphere, moderate climate, cool politicians and union leaders who know how to work the system – and you understand why Occupy L.A. protesters are in pretty good shape. 

If fact, we’re proud of how they’ve conducted themselves and impressed with how effectively they’ve moved the message of economic inequality. 

So let the talks begin

On the table right now allegedly are office space and farmland. 

But occupiers need more time to figure out their decision-making process while city officials refine and adjust their proposals. 

In the meantime, we can all be proud as Los Angeles continues to show the rest of the country how a great and diverse city can peacefully conduct its business.

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  1. Although we are all elated that LA OWS is enjoying cooperation, the struggle on “WALL STREET” and the rest of OWS throughout the world are receiving hell. United we stand a chance of winning food for hungry babies, to put roots over a family’s head, decent water filtration in villages where thousands die from bad water, peace to regions that have suffered dearly under the yoke of Capitalism and corporate interest. We stand the chance to bring meaningful change to a world in much need of it.

    Please, here the logic and mission in my worlds and know that no wall street is comfortable until all wall streets shave united and accomplished the greater mission: freedom from the yoke of Capitalism, Corporate Greed and equal distribution of wealth.

    Lawrence Ghana Hayes

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