Which Way OLA?

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Even after the tents are gone, Occupy L.A protesters should understand their remarkable contribution to our region’s labor and community movements. 

And recognize how much they’re appreciated. 

* Creating a communal learning space on the city hall lawn and gaining enormous experience in the process 

* Connecting us to the nation-wide and world-wide campaigns for basic human rights

* Showing extraordinary clarity and purpose while teaching everyone how to move the message of economic and social justice

Southern California unions and allied progressive groups – committed to building a diverse and inclusive region with good jobs and stable neighborhoods – saw first hand what was accomplished. 

How the energy and ideas at OWS helped shift the national narrative and – just maybe – the balance of power. 

We don’t yet know how many – and in what ways – young protesters in particular will join and lead these struggles. 

But there’s no doubt that – here in Southern California – the spirit of Occupy L.A. has animated and propelled our movements and encouraged us to keep up the fight.

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  1. Ted Sawicki says:

    Lou, a lot was accomplished and you get the feeling the movement is not going away anytime too soon.

    The positive aspects you point out are ignored by most and it really is about “how you build a nation”.

  2. OWS may lose their tented encampments but the activists will not lose their momentum. It is imperative that each one of us who respects what they have done and their commitment carry that forward. We have an opportunity for remaking America. Let’s not lose it.

  3. deborah b. says:

    Bravo to those who marched and assembled and will continue to unite, march and assemble!

    This is the TRUE “yes we can.”

  4. I want to occupy LA but I can’t my parents say school is more important..

    Finally resistance comes and I’m only a year and a half Way from being able to do it..

    I’m ready to be arrested, camp out get maced i hate cops anyways so I don’t care

    This will only happen once and il miss it, itl be over when il be if age to be able to do it.

  5. John Connolly says:

    Dearest Pink:
    This isn’t over.
    And it won’t happen only once.
    Hang in for the long haul
    Your Generation’s Long March.
    Avanti Populo!


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