Republicans Doubt Mitt’s “Electability”

Posted on February 4, 2012 by

Even conservatives desperate to beat Obama may now be concluding that Romney is no more “electable” than his primary opponents or a brokered convention nominee.

Mitt’s thickheaded comment on the “very poor” appalled right wing pundits like Andrew C. McCarthy:

While arming the Left with a luscious sound bite with which to caricature him as a callous vulture capitalist, Romney simultaneously stokes the Right’s fear that he is really a man of the Left – or, at least, a man without a core, who doesn’t get that the welfare state is not the solution but the problem.

And Stephen F. Hayes:

[Romney] seemed to consign the poor to a station in life. He suggested that society has done its duty because of the fact that “we have a safety net.”  In so doing, Romney seemed utterly unaware of a long strain of conservative thought on the morality of capitalism…. oblivious to the argument – central to the conservative movement – that free markets allow the poor to transcend their position, that poverty is not destiny.

Disaffected conservatives could still throw their support to a candidate with big ideas (Newt), a Christian heart (Santorum), a cult following (Paul) or a convention-picked nominee with no primary baggage.

Unwilling to concede, some republicans may be hoping to deprive Mitt of a first-ballot victory, enabling conservative “insiders” to draft a candidate such as Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin or Chris Christie.

Maybe republicans are getting ready to throw the idea of “electability” out the window.

Opting instead for a “1964 moment:”  (That’s when Barry Goldwater is said to have given birth to the modern republican party, while losing 44 states to Lyndon Johnson.)

Take it from me republicans, electability is over-rated (both Dukakis in ’88 and Kerry in ’04 turned out to be real duds after the convention).

Democrat, meanwhile, should enjoy the spectacle of an inept republican front-runner.

As we eagerly await Mitt’s next gaffe.

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  1. Greg says:

    Unlike a super bowl bet, that gaffe is bankable! I am giving odds. Any takers? ;-)

  2. Brad Cagle says:

    What kinda’ odds they be??

  3. Bill Thomas says:

    Every once in a while, Mitt Romney slips up and says what is really on his mind, and then spends days denying he said it.

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