Election Direction

Posted on March 20, 2012 by

Here’s the bad news
Obama could lose
And give us a feeling of dread

But don’t get depressed
Or find yourself stressed
And look at it this way instead

The primary season
Has given us reason
To cheer the republican right

As they bloody each other
And take on positions
Which give most Americans fright

But don’t get complacent
Or sit on your hands
Or think that it’s already settled

A lot could go wrong
Before the election
To dramatically change its direction

First on the list
Without any doubt
Is a rise in the rate of the jobless

If that goes too high
Or out of control
It would certainly end all the progress

Next is the war
Which is not going well
With Americans fighting and dying

In faraway places
On oversees bases
Determined to stay and keep trying

Then there’s the court
The highest there is
Looking at health care reform

Deciding themselves
On which way to go
To uphold it or simply transform

Five dollar gas
Is also in play
A prospect which has us all worried

It empties our wallet
Or whatever we call it
While making Obama more sullied

As election day nears
To limit the risk
We’ll do everything that we can

But we don’t have control
Of what would go wrong
If Israel takes on Iran

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  1. bill says:

    I’ve given up on hoping for someone who can bring us even superficially together. I now think that only external threats can do that — and not just threats, but big, visible, scary threats. You know, the sort of thing that certain politicians love to promise they’ll take care of, if we’ll just put them in office.

    Older I get, the more cynical I get. Guess why that’s there’s a follow-on generation.

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