Most Fun Since Nixon

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We’re just a few months short of the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, the episode which triggered the downfall of Richard Nixon.

I mention it because it’s been that long since I’ve been so giddy and gleeful seeing my adversaries do themselves in.

Witnessing republican primary candidates devour each other gives me the same vindictive satisfaction I enjoyed when watching Sam Ervin’s Senate Watergate Committee slowly uncover the truth about the corrupt and devious Nixon Administration and Re-election campaign.

You’d think I would have matured since the early 70s when my cohorts and I huddled up each evening in our Putney Vermont A-Frame for reruns of that day’s hearings (on New Hampshire public television).  I was sure at the time that once we purged the nefarious Nixon, the nation would tilt toward some form of political enlightenment.

Well… that didn’t happen.

So after decades of political disappointment and frustration, I’m desperate for some solace and I’ll take what I can get from Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul.

And this time I have no illusions (I’m already starting to worry about what won’t happen in Obama’s second term).

But I’ll save that list for another time.

Just let me have my fun right now.

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  1. “I’m already starting to worry about what won’t happen in Obama’s second term.” That makes two of us. The idea of Obama without incentive to act liberally sends chills down my political spine…

  2. Frank Gruber says:

    Get a Democratic House, and Obama will get plenty done.

  3. Nick Eldredge says:

    Amen, Frank.
    A more enlightened Senate wouldn’t hurt either.
    Both can be done, but it won’t just happen.
    It’s going to be a busy summer.

  4. Bruce says:

    You can have your fun, Lou, but don’t count your chickens. A colleague of mine, who was a Tea Party member and used to send me rightwing drivel, told me early in ’08 that he was giddy and couldn’t decide whether to send his money to Hillary or Obama. He was sure they would both implode. Mercifully, Sarah Palin joined the Republican ticket. I hope we have the luxury of worring about what will or won’t happen in a second Obama term.

  5. Thomas J. Mackell, Jr. says:

    Where did Chuck Colson fit in? He wasn’t on any of your lists.

  6. Bill Thomas says:

    Lou, I am also enjoying watching the Republican Party flounder around during this very amusing primary season, but at the risk of mixing my animal metaphors, let’s not start counting those Obama chickens. I think that Democrats and Progressives are going to have to turn out to see that the President is re-elected, that Dems hold the Senate, and for God’s sake, that the American people take back the House from the do-nothing Republicans and the know-nothing Tea Party. Talk about clueless.

    Good reading as always, even on 30,000 feet.

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