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I don’t write letters anymore or keep a diary.  Instead, I post on my blog once or twice a week.

Along with millions of others, I publicize my thoughts and invite everyone and anyone in the world to read what I write.

If you’re a niche blogger like me, it’s exciting to discover that someone in the Ukraine, Indonesia, Denmark and North Dakota looked at your site.

Though much of my “traffic” is generated within California.

My reach – though I don’t have concrete data on this – is greatest among those connected in one way or another to unions. If you Google “Labor” (as a prefix), depending on your search history, I might show up after a few dozen other “results.”

Entering my fourth year as a blogger, I can report a generally positive experience.  Before I started this site I was feeling disappointed and frustrated with my writing.  Now, I get just enough attention to stay motivated.

I’ve helped a few people set up blog sites of their own and told them that the most important thing to do is post regularly.  That advice has been mostly ignored (you know who you are).

I intend to keep this going.  If nothing else, it will help reduce my anxiety over the 2012 election.

Then, if we win, we’ll have plenty to complain about.

And if we lose, we’ll need each other to figure out how to survive.

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  1. Matt Lesser says:

    Congratulations on your third anniversary. I am looking forward to many more.

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