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To watch Barack Obama being smeared and looking shallow
It made me feel I’ll always think of Denver Colorado
As the city where we lost our chance to knock out our opponent
And now instead must find a way to rise up to the moment

Here is what concerns me now about our chosen leader
That his weak performance wasn’t just a matter of bad theater
I hate to say our president is anything but bold
But what I saw the other night was someone getting rolled

So let’s be honest to ourselves and recognize what’s true
There is a blind spot in this man and its something we all knew
But then there is another side I’m sure will come on stronger
When he takes the stage again this month and then he will no longer

Lose his way and let his foe get right inside his head
But in fact will figure out how to win instead
I do expect the next debate Obama will adapt
And find the right approach to take and not himself get trapped

He’ll keep his cool and charge ahead and make the right decision
And this time he will stay intense and act with great precision
Then we’ll see his firmer side that starts to take effect
A clarity of vision and a reason to elect

Obama for another term in which he’ll have his chances
To try again to lead the way to even more advances
I know we’ve tried so very hard to make the White House ours
And this is not the time to stop and give up all our powers

We know the disappointments that we’ve all so greatly suffered
And what we had to do in fact to keep our movements buffered
(Like Obamacare we hoped would be a plain and simple doctrine
But then we wondered could it work without a public option)

I hope that if you who read this piece that puts things into rhyme
That if you think I’m way off base the blame is not just mine
We all just try to get a grip on what to do in case
Romney and his fellow R’s win in next month’s race

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  1. Dave says:

    Well said Lou. I like the Dr. Seussian approach, and I agree! There’s some reason to be concerned but the doomsayers are exaggerating. Obama has proven to be resilient and adaptable, and I expect he’ll be much more effective in the next debates. Whatever the incremental impact of the debates will be on undecided voters, I think that getting the vote out remains the most important factor.

  2. Don Gauthier says:

    I did not see what so many others seemed to have observed at the first debate. I think the left was so out for blood that they did not realize the depth and the genius of our President’s strategy. In the minds of most, we’ve come to expect fireworks and zingers instead of reasoned and thoughtful statements of policy and position. I could not help thinking of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates and wondered what those two men would have thought of our current debates.

    Mr. Romney’s yapping (like a vicious lapdog) spouting lie after lie seems to have gone unnoticed in the rush to declare winner and loser. But Mr. Obama, like the wiley Br’er Rabbit, smiled quietly at each lie, controlled his anger at each outrageous claim that somehow the mess we are in as a country had nothing to do with eight years of mismanagement and malfeasance under Bush. We all know better. Did he really need to respond?
    Mr. Obama is the President. His responses in a debate must be tied to the truth if he is to continue in his office. Mr. Romney, who seems willing to change his stripes at any change in the wind (however imperceptible that breeze might be), exhibited that he is the flip-flopper he always has been. And willing to lie, cheat and steal his way to the Oval Office. It’s time to rally around the President and time to keep these SOBs from ever stepping foot into any office from county clerk to the Commander in Chief.
    Finally, Mr. Obama recognizes that Americans are not stupid. Some of our commentators and pundits forget that. If Mr. Romney thinks he fooled anyone, he has only fooled himself.

    • Lou, Love your post!
      And “nodrama” put my concerns very well–”bad theater.”
      A television debate is all about image…and ligthing…I hope Obama demands better lighting and understands you gotta look up and look like the Commander in Chief….
      but I do hope he does do a Reagonish ..something to the effect that who is Romney anyway…I’m not clever enough to come up with that one great line…but people want to come away from these debates with a nugget to talk about.

  3. Americans who vote for personality rather than platform are political miscreants, and all the so-called debate divulged was the candidates’ (and moderator’s) personalities.

  4. nodrama says:

    Don Gauthier, I am with you. What everybody is concerned with is bad theater. That’s not how we live. I think Mr. Obama is actually brilliant is so many ways. Remember how many pundits damned him for failing to mention the 47% comment by Romney? Romney himself repudiated that comment yesterday. Had POTUS brought it up then, Romney would have had an audience of 60 million to hear his apology. I like this result much better. Besides we got so much material to create contrasting commercials between what Romney said last week or the week before and what he said on Wednesday. But I do believe the fear that a lot on the left felt might encourage them to step up their involvement in the campaign. At least I hope so.

  5. bill says:

    You and me both. I really thought we were going to find out the next day that something momentous was going on, and he was distracted. He gave a speech later saying that, based on the comments, the ‘other guy’ wasn’t the real Mitt Romney. Well, based on his own, this wasn’t the ‘real’ Barack Obama either.

  6. You’re good Lou, very good.
    Nice poem!
    Cousin Noa

  7. Lisa says:

    Politics is really based on which news channel one listens to. However, what I do know is, Our beloved President allowed 911 to happen all over again. Then apologized to the terrorist for “offending them”. I can not believe that people are not looking at the fact we the American people were lied to about terrorist attacks on our Embassy (which is supposed to be safe place for tourist). How can a “super power” country like America allow the CHAOS to take over the Middle East? Israel is the eyes and interrupters for the ways of the Middle East doing things and yet, America will not stand strong to support them. I would like to know how any Jew can vote for Obama who has shown nothing but disrespect to Israel. Without Israel, America can not exist, we have proven to be oblivious as to living with terrorism or even being able to recognize it.
    Catching Bin Laden is his only claim to fame but didn’t end terrorism.
    I know that Obama was an advocate for the American people having “accountability” and yet, it is something he can not do.
    I just do not know how to vote for Obama with a clear conscious.

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