Fiscal Cliff Riff

Posted on November 30, 2012 by

Jumping off the fiscal cliff
Will cause a panic only if
Financial markets big and small
React as if they hit a wall

Otherwise I think it prudent
For anyone who is a student
Of politics the way it works
To just relax and let the jerks


Protect those tax cuts for the rich
Supported by their good friend Mitch
McConnell and his fellow reeps
Prepare to take their final leaps

Weighted down by feet of clay
Slipping deeper every day
Until at last we look and see
They’ve dug a hole and just may be

Getting what they now deserve
For all their guile and all their nerve
Their gutless and disgraceful acts
Ignoring inconvenient facts

With Obama now in full command
Let the bastards just be damned
After what they stole and took
He shouldn’t let them off the hook

I’ll just say this to all my friends
Our president will make amends
And give us what we all need most
Republicans all turned to toast.

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  1. Diane Hacker says:

    Here Here!
    Nice bit of poetry Lou!

  2. FluxRostrum says:

    Live discussion of how austerity & the fiscal cliff will be effecting regular folks today at 3 central Live from New Orleans

  3. nodrama says:

    Good work Lou. Glad your angst is gone. For me, what is so great about this moment is all that time everybody thought Obama was caving, he was playing a masterful game of chess. The Republicans are in this position because of their previous intransigence especially during the previous lame duck session in which they were intractable on taxes and we got a tremendous amount but not what most progressives thought we should. And it looks like the Republican governors recalcitrance on the Affordable Care Act is going to lead to single payer. Life is a process and our President knows that

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