The Court’s Catholic Conservatives and DOMA

Posted on June 27, 2013 by

I was expecting this court to overturn DOMA but I had a secret wish that at least one of the four conservative Catholics would join the majority.

Roberts or Alito – both born in the 1950s – would certainly have had contact with non-heterosexual peers; Scalia could have construed DOMA as an intrusion on states rights; and Thomas – and I know this is a stretch – could have applied his own experience with inter-racial marriage (state bans were struck down by the Warren Court in 1967) to this form of discrimination.

We got two Catholics: Sotomayor the liberal and Kennedy the moderate. But I wanted a true crossover; someone to send  a message to religious Americans with conservative values that marriage equality affirms the institution, keeps it sacred.

Sure, I’ll take 5-4.   But, in this case, it makes it very clear that the court’s right wing is more orthodox than principled.

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  1. David Sickler says:

    Some times orthodox is just more ignorant! A refusal to accept the new truth!

  2. Charlie King says:

    Disappointing focus on religion Lou, very disappointing.

  3. nodrama says:

    Unfortunately, Charlie that’s what the culture, especially the Right is doing these days.

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