Tom, Dick, Jim, Antonio and Eric

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I came to town in ’81 when Bradley was in charge
Impressed with his integrity and vision which was large
He stood up tall and saw a way to build a new downtown
And opened up our city hall to everyone around

His predecessor in the job, Sam Yorty was barbaric
Just think about how far we’ve come from then to Mayor Eric
And in between we’ve had some guys who tried to do their best
To help us during times of stress which put us to the test 

Dick Riordan kept the city calm when ground beneath us shook
And stayed awake around the clock and showed us what it took
To get a freeway bridge rebuilt and get us back to work
Better that than staying home and going all berserk

Mayor Hahn gave all he had to Keep L.A. alive
Opposing plans to split us up above Mulholland Drive
Which would in fact have been the case if Measure F succeeded
In partitioning our city if the valley had seceded

And now we thank Antonio for looking passed the present
Imagining a region with fast trains to make more pleasant
Our trips from place to place and downtown to the ocean
Beat the freeway traffic, less frustration and emotion 

So Garcetti who at 42 has all the tools he needs
Experience in governing and an intellect which feeds
His knack for solving problems and telling us the truth
What a set of attributes for someone of such youth 

From Tom, Dick, Jim, Antonio to Eric
The city of L.A. is not just esoteric
I know we’ve had our problems but I’m here to let you know
As far as I’m concerned, there is nowhere else to go

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  1. Lou,

    You’re a poet and don’t you know it.

  2. Ernesto Medrano says:


    We can only go up (when well grounded).

  3. Mark Gibney says:

    An electric car glides on Washington Blvd’s magnetic streamway.
    A cherry blossom falls on an LED screen 40 stories above.

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