Filner’s Failure

Posted on July 20, 2013 by

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s behavior “at work” is immature, appalling and very likely illegal.

Though we don’t know all the details, the failure of 70-year-old Filner to manage his sexual impulses is a tragic loss for those committed to progressive reform in California’s second largest city.

I had always respected Bob for his background as a civil rights “freedom rider” and his near perfect record in congress on labor, environmental and other issues.  But as allegations of sexual harassment pile on, his denials appear more and more pathetic.

To be charitable, he’s out of step with modern workplace protocol and his mea culpa (“I need help”) just won’t do.

What’s more, every political figure in America must know by now that a candidate or office holder’s sexual behavior is fair game.

We may not like this but it’s a fact.

It looks like Bob Filner is heading for a disgraceful exit and unlike Spitzer, Sanford and Weiner he’s too old to engineer a comeback.

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  1. La Playa Heritage says:

    Not correct. No one is claiming anything illegal happened. There are no criminal charges or Civic lawsuits. After 3 weeks no one has filed a complaint even for just inappropriate language.

    It is great that Donna Frye, Mr. Gonzalez, and Mr. Briggs gave the mayor and public shaming and intervention on his immature, childish, boring behavior.

  2. Ernesto Medrano says:

    What happened to due process?

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