John Kerry – Miracle Worker?

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Watch Secretary of State John Kerry flanked by Israeli and Palestinian representatives to the “Middle East Peace Process Talks” and you just might believe that success is possible.

That Kerry has the chops to hold both sides together and fashion a negotiated solution to this intractable conflict.  Speaking at the State Department podium, he was earnest, diplomatic and encouraging:

Two states because two proud peoples each deserve a country to call their own.  Two states because the children of both peoples deserve the opportunity to realize their legitimate aspirations in security and in freedom.  And two states because the time has come for a lasting peace.

Statements which followed (and body language) from Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat seemed unusually collaborative.

Though there’s a chance for a dramatic and historic deal, we shouldn’t get carried away.  Any number of issues – the status of the territories, of course – could stall or blow-up the talks.

And then there’s the residue from 2004.

It has no bearing on a Middle East Peace Settlement, but I can’t look at John Kerry without flashing on the dismal campaign by the former Massachusetts Senator – and Vietnam War hero and opponent – against George W.

But what if Secretary Kerry can pull off the impossible?  Could he then make his claim for redemption?

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  1. Chris Haarhoff says:

    Hi Lou, it’s nice to read your optimistic and hopeful piece, but there is only one certainty in this life. Should I be so lucky to live to the age of ninety five, I guarantee that the tv in the old folks home will be running a story on the dismal failure of current Mid East peace talks. The Israelis and Palestinians are doomed to repeat the same cycle as we all underestimate the the generational influence on any hopeful outcome.

  2. rick chertoff says:

    Swallowing the corp. news cool-aid, you got the part about both parties each “deserve” etc. right, and s I’m sure sincere on your part, but unfortunately not in any way when it comes to reality, as in U.S. or Israeli officials, personalities & perceived “earnestness” Left out of your comments are the central facts that a) one side is an brutal occupier and a serial human rights abuser of the first order, currently on a program of ethnic cleansing on both sides of the Green Line (Israel proper & Occupied Terr’s)…b) in violation of Sec.Resolutions 198, 242, 338, and daily war crimes. Not inconsequentially, Abbas has been holding office w/o elections and is Not an elected representative. These “negotiations” are a sham since they do not even hold the promise of Israeli concessions on the 2 key issues: Jerusalem and refugees, which have already been ruled out. Both issues are “deal breakers” which have never been pushed for by Israel’s main backer, the U.S. Add to that that the main nego. for U.S. is a Jewish ex-employee of AIPAC, and you have a farce. Lou, please join the rest of the planet and Learn Up: de jure segregation, “Settler State” replete with well documented On-going ethnic cleansing, to which the former so-called Peace Process doubled the Settler population on illegally occupied lands, causing HUGE Suffering. And this one is going work out because of Israeli “statements and body language”???? Really?

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