Obama and Kids Around the World

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The brightest lights in the Obama presidency these days are his speeches to young people in foreign countries.  Beautifully staged with smiling kids in the backdrop, he talks to them about peace, freedom and life’s possibilities.

In Cape Town, South Africa or Belfast, Northern Ireland, the president laughs and the audience cheers.  It’s a mutual love fest.

As an American, I’m proud and delighted to have such a cool president.  And it’s not all theatrics.  Barack Obama is applying his personal assets to build our country’s alliances with future generations.

Remember how disgusted we were ten years ago about America’s image abroad under George Bush?

Of course, President Obama is using these occasions to defend American power and “interests.”  At the same time, though, he’s communicating and personifying American values and virtues.

In Washington, the president is slogging through his second term:  the NSA mess, troubles with Obamacare and republican shenanigans over immigration reform.

But as our ambassador to the world’s youth, Barack is an A-list president.  Mark that as a “legacy” item which, in the long run,  could yield more than just  good will.

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  1. Judith Samuel says:

    I like the way you bring good subjects to our attention!

    Thank you Lou!

  2. Rod Bradley says:

    I agree the president is not a national embarrassment as an ambassador. He’s got good speechwriters and he delivers well.

    And the young are innocent, naive, given to the glamour of celebrity. And of course, we need to look for the positive in our empirical stance.

    And overlook the drones, the blow-back, the security-industrial-complex, the basic inequities of our financial system, etc And appealing to innocent youth abroad is an easy photo-op way to avoid dealing with real issues of substance. I’ve spent time in Africa and of course Obama would have celebrity appeal and the dream of America is still alive there, in part because we have a fairly benign footprint and were never a colonizer.

    Granted, it’s not a bad thing. Just wish the real stuff was being dealt with with equal fervor and conviction.

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