Defend Obamacare?

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Dependent on wicked private insurance carries, hostile to union multi-employer plans and tailor-made for businesses intent on downscaling their workforce, the Affordable Care Act must be defended.

We can blame scheming republicans for handcuffing Barack Obama’s effort for more comprehensive reform and then condemning him for an unworkable plan; for badmouthing “Obamacare” from the beginning and now citing public skepticism about the program.  Or we can fault the president for caving in and surrendering the “public option.”

However we rationalize it, progressive democrats are boxed in by our opponents’ determination to destroy President Obama and stop modest or even marginal progress.

So we’ll stick with Obama on this one because the republicans have strapped dynamite to their vests and are threatening to blow up the works.

And because – as we approach the 2014 election cycle – we need a functional white house and a president who looks like he’s in charge.

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  1. Frank Stricker says:

    I agree. Also, there are some good things in Obamacare–millions will get insurance who never had a hope of getting it before. the principle of no pre-exisiting conditions.
    And some taxes on the rich and even a couple on companies,hidden here and there in the plan.
    Also, naive one that I am, I hope that Obamacare is a first step toward something better.

  2. Carl Zangardi says:

    This sounds like a right wing plan. Defend something even if it does not make sense because of ideology. My Taft Hartley Plans cannot live with the conditions of ACA and be effective for their members. The law is too complicated and the stealth taxes on wealth obfuscate the need to have all Americans cover entitlements if we want to maintain them long term. Expropriation of the expropriators will only work the first year. After that there is not enough income to cover the obligations of this particular law and the other Federal budgetary items. Common sense is better than Nonsense.

  3. Ben Sears says:

    I’m with Frank and Lou. Obamacare is a step forward on an issue that has been hanging fire in our country for around 75 years now. I have read that FDR’s blue ribbon committee that he appointed to write the original Social Security law intended to include a health care component in the law. They took that out because they feared that the insurance industry opposition would kill the whole bill. The intent was to introduce the health care part the next year, or soon. It never happened. So we have to protect what we have won and build on it going forward. And maybe not take another 75 years at it!

  4. Thomas J. Mackell, Jr. says:

    The notion of the elimination of self-insured funds, promoted by “progressives”, and the “cadillac tax “on these funds plus the erosion of stop-loss insurance will guarantee the end of jointly-administered Taft-Hartley funds and this could very well be the straw that broke the back of organized labor.

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