Crisis Immunity

Posted on October 7, 2013 by

We recently overheard this conversation between two long-time Democrats: 

Dem 1: So the Republicans have manufactured another crisis.  This time a shutdown; maybe a default is next.

Dem 2: Terrible, isn’t it?  These right wing radicals are truly demonic.

Dem 1: Well at least Obama is handling it better than he used to.  Not giving in right away.  Being more resolute. 

Dem 2:  True, but something doesn’t feel right.  Shouldn’t we be more offended and outraged? 

Dem 1:  I know, we seem almost indifferent, even apathetic. 

Dem 2:  Well maybe we’ve crossed a threshold? 

Dem 1:  What do you mean? 

Dem 2: Everyone knows there’s nothing they won’t do to destroy this president and hurt the country.  It’s expected. 

Dem 1: You mean this is just business as usual. 

Dem 2:  Right, and we can’t even register it. 

Dem 1:  It’s as if we’re immune. 

Dem 2:  And that might be the scariest thing of all.

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  1. bill says:

    I do like that he hasn’t caved. I don’t like that I have to add ‘yet’.

  2. Cathy Deppe says:

    This just reminds me to get my flu shot, Lou!

  3. Diane Hacker says:

    Why should the Democrats have to ” CAVE” ?
    This shutdown is manufactured to stop a healthcare bill that was voted in back in 2009, passed by the HOUSE AND SENATE AND proved CONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court…..they have thrown everyone and everything they can under the proverbial bus including children with cancer to throw people off. And this is a small group of Tea Party Republicans running the show! I wish the Republicans that really are wanting to pass a “Clean” budget bill would grow a spine and do just that! And get back to working for all Americans. Think what could have been accomplished if all of the energy spent to de-fund a bill that is already funded no less! ( what is it 44 times now?) was spent on things that are truly needed in this country , like bringing down the high cost of health care. If they would work to rein in the high cost of health care in this country, we would not need something like the Affordable Care Act!

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