Trust Reid

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Brace for a compromise to the shutdown / debt ceiling “crisis” which could give away more than progressive democrats would like.

But trust senate majority leader Harry Reid on this one.  Reid may be inarticulate but he’s a tough inside fighter.  The former boxer knows that democrats are well ahead on points and that it’s a good time to end the match and take the decision.

Republican antics have caused a dynamic shift in voter attitudes, putting the house back in play in next year’s midterm and giving democrats an edge in key senate races.

Expect Reid to hammer out a deal with minority leader Mitch McConnell which speaker John Boehner will send to the floor for a vote.

And give Barack Obama credit for being resolute; resisting his tendency to flinch and buckle.

So with the republicans looking unsteady and unstable, we’re in very good shape to kick their ass in 2014.

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  1. Gavin says:

    I would not rule out VP Joe Biden as the peace broker – much like last year’s fight. Although I do not like Republiican politics McConnell does know how to make a deal. given miss in the House, it is likely to take some time. I think Obama has Biden as way out -Reid is right in front with Obama and Beuhner.

  2. Joseph Gainza says:

    And the rich will stay in power. Great system we have for keeping the corporations holding the reins of government. Fake crises which keep us on the treadmill of oligarchy.

  3. Michael Hersh says:

    Oh, if only that we’re true. The compromise will allow the right to claim victory and win back much of their in-district support. Will newly elected democrats do more than the dems we have now to bring jobs, housing and health to workers? Push a labor agenda? Tamp down imperial adventures? Take assault weapons from nuts? We need a mass movement to help our politicians focus on our needs instead of encouraging their fantasy of running the world.

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