Clinton vs. Warren?

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I prefer Elizabeth Warren to Hillary Clinton but I’m not willing to risk the election on a Warren candidacy.

In the primaries, Clinton will try to convince democrats that she has a lock on the electoral map and, as president, will use her political skills and guile to beat up republicans.  Implicit in her message will be Barack Obama’s strategic failure against a vile and vicious opposition.

Warren, if she decides to go, will be cast as a brilliant and noble true-believer who has never been tested at the highest level. Democrats will be told that we can’t afford to nominate or elect another leader not ready for prime time.

Ironically, I think Warren would have had a better chance if the democratic front-runner was a man.

Our party and nation seem inclined to elect a woman president.   If her health holds up, Hillary Clinton is probably our best bet.

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  1. Alan says:

    I like your thinking, Lou. I too prefer Elizabeth Warren to just about anyone but we have to win and Hillary is a better choice to do that. Warren can continue, playing a much more effective role, the way Henry Waxman used to do during the Clinton Presidency.

  2. Chuck Mertz says:

    The ‘we have to win’ desire is understandable. However, far too often Democrats have nominated and even elected those who do not represent what they believe because they have been convinced by Big Media that a candidate cannot win. For example, John Kerry campaigned on staying in Iraq, even appearing at the DNC with that absurd ‘reporting for duty’ salute. Meanwhile, the Dems on the floor were polled and 75% wanted OUT of Iraq asap.

    In the end, the candidate whose candidacy was fueled by the ‘we have to win’ logic — and did not reflect the beliefs of his own rank-and-file — lost.

    Instead of buying into the media’s celebrity marketing of politicians, we should ALL look at policy and fight for the issues that can make a difference, not the big name personalities who do not.

  3. Bill Thomas says:

    Lou, well thought out as always. I like Elizabeth Warren a lot– what a breath of fresh air she has proven to be in the oh-so-stuffy U.S. Senate. I would love to see Senator Warren run for President, although at the same time I recognize that Hillary Clinton would make a terrific president has much more experience on the world stage with the international experience that Warren lacks.

    I can’t help but wonder if the U.S. is ready for both a woman President and Vice President. Clinton/Warren 2016 has a nice ring to it– and if you think Republicans heads are exploding now, wait ’til they get a load of that winning ticket.

    One thing I won’t do is commit to Clinton this far out. Let’s let President Obama do his job and move his policies forward. Bad enough that the handicapping of the next race seems to start on election night four years in advance. At least we can get the nominations process in the Senate moving forward again. C’mon Democrats, be aggressive.

    Bill Thomas

  4. Mark Gibney says:

    Warren certainly appeals to the social democrat in me the way Sarah Palin has appealed to the Tea Party crazies. And I think she’d be a very effective and clear headed president, less ‘an executive’ and more ‘entrepreneurial’ than Obama, more willing to move against the black hole of Wall St / Big Banks, but because of that she simply will not get any financing. She’d be relying on grass roots donations.

    A double bill with Hillary would make for a fascinating horse race. Rove might spontaneously combust.

  5. Rod Bradley says:

    I believe (and hope) the country has had enough of the Clinton’s and their slick self-serving cunning, and certainly had enough of the damage they’ve done to economic equality. The DLC and the winning at any costs under the guise of “real politik”, etc is not what we need.

    Hillary is in up to her ears with the corporate plutocracy, is a hawk and will pander to the MIC. They are both incredibly narcissistic, although Hillary lacks Bill’s smarmy good old boy charm that allowed him to get away with undermining further the little guy while pretending to be on his side. Name one significant thing Clinton did for the country and its citizens of lasting benefit. Remember it was Clinton who set up Wall Street to become a gambling casino with the little guy’s money under the guise of “financial innovation.”

    At least Elizabeth Warren is coming from a fresh and honest place, and appears by all indications to be using her ambition on behalf of others, rather than being self-serving. I think her basic honesty (something Hillary does not have) would appeal to independents much more than Hillary. And in fact, make her a much more electable candidate. Especially as Obama, who has traded on his basic decency, has proved to be just another politician (despite his apologists.) But the DLC and Clinton crowd has great contempt for her because she makes them look so bad simply by doing her job honestly.

    (Just for the record, I volunteered for the Clinton campaign in 1992.)

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