The 2012 Election Anniversary

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Sure we hoped for more from Barack Obama’s re-election, especially after all the talk about republicans learning their lesson.

Our main goal, of course, was to keep Romney out of the white house.  We felt relief – even euphoria – but soon recognized that the second term would echo the first.

To console ourselves, we cling to the belief that the next three years won’t be as bad as Bill Clinton’s re-election followed by impeachment.  But who knows?  Our opponents will do anything to undermine the Obama presidency.

We lose interest in the specifics:

The Shutdown, the Obamacare rollout and the NSA.  We get tired of all the political noise from the “commentariat.”

Yet despite misgivings and disappointments, we stay loyal to Barack Obama.

Even wonder about what his administration could have accomplished had the republicans not been utterly determined to disparage and destroy him.

So we read novels, keep up with Breaking Bad (I still haven’t gotten to it), get our work done, concentrate on family and friends.

And start ruminating about the 2014 and 2016 cycles.

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  1. The reublicants have managed to alienate all but the most extreme tea-baggers…if we take back the House next year, maybe the last two years of Obama’s presidency will be able to accomplish the great things we all hope for.

  2. Grant Devereaux says:

    The same people who elected a Democratic President and Democratically controlled Senate, elected a Republican House of Representatives. Until the House and Senate are back in Democratic hands, nothing will get done positive. The earliest for that to happen is 2014. If Republicans continue to hold the House, nothing will be accomplished in Obama’s second term. Elections have consequences.

  3. jonpjoyce says:

    Let’s be honest. The ACA rollout has been a bitter pill. Obama’s presidency couldnt afford that kind of chaos. We can’t blame that on the Republicans.

  4. David Baker says:

    Right on Lou. I shared this with my wife and said “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” We too were euphoric on January 20, 2009. We had a neighborhood Inauguration Day celebration party. We’ve followed your blog since and share many of your thoughts about the President and the Administration. Concluding that “it could be worse” is hardly what we thought we were voting for in 2008 and again in 2012.

    Sure, he has had to deal with right-wing extremists taking over the Republicans; but sometimes he could deal with it more militantly rather than cerebrally.

  5. Stephen Lewis says:

    But for the Republicans, this nation would be complete socialist

  6. Rick Chertoff says:

    Do “we” use the Demo party to defend ourselves against the Republicans, or does the Demo party “use” us – to more gradually defund middle class and working people? The record shows the later is as true as the former. Obama only wants to take away soc security more slowly and hand it over the Wall St., the theft being hidden by the word “compromise”- his favorite word. Our tax dollars funneled to the corporations through “anti-terrorist” “defense” spending- guaranteed to make us less safe by committing large scale war crimes w/o democratic controls- thank you Sen. Feinstein and her co-conspirators. Real Democracy and crap on Labor unions at the same time as producing no jobs? No tax on the 4% that have 75% of wealth they got with our underwriting them? The Demo party is not “us” until and unless we take it back. How do we do it Lou?

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